12+ Best News & Broadcast Packages for After Effects


Broadcast packages are flexible and powerful templates for video creators. With them, you’ll find intros, titles, lower thirds, transitions, and more – all in one place! They help you maintain a consistent look and feel across each video you produce. Plus, they help save you time. Why? Because you won’t have to jump from template to template to find all the video effects you need.

Broadcast packages help elevate the quality of your videos by improving their style and design. In moments, you can install and apply cinema (or TV) grade graphics to your own video work. And you don’t have to be a video production expert to do it. That proves the virtues of stunning, pre-built templates. They’re both stylish and flexible.

These fantastic After Effects video broadcast packages can be used for various topics and genres. Think promos, newscasts, documentaries, and more. With versatile design, the creative possibilities are limitless.

Below, we’ve collected 15 of the best After Effects broadcast packages for 2024. While these templates vary in style and design, they share the virtues of stunning visuals and elegant graphics.

If you’re looking for Premiere Pro broadcast packages, you will find them here.

The Top News & Broadcast Packages for After Effects

Colorful & Modern Broadcast Package for After Effects

This modern package has all the video assets you’ll need to craft an impressive broadcast. Inside, you’ll find an opener, lower thirds, bumpers, transitions, and more.

Colorful & Modern Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

After Effects Documentary Broadcast Package

Here is a broadcast package created for documentaries and historical videos. Thanks to the bundled transitions and overlays, it could also be adapted for newscasts and other types of videos.

 Documentary  Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Duotone Broadcast Package for After Effects

These MOGRT templates are easy to work with because of their flexible designs. They include the essential graphics you need to support stylish broadcasts on any topic.

 Duotone Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Broadcast Identity Package for After Effects

No broadcast package is complete without stylish openers and outros. Both those and more are included here, and you can also explore lower thirds, titles, and more.

 Identity Package Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Film Broadcast Package for After Effects

Full HD graphics look great on even the largest displays. Here is a pack that uses them throughout. Also included are full-color control features that help you change up the look and feel of your broadcast.

 Film Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Modular & Modern After Effects Broadcast Package

The modular structure used in this broadcast package helps you quickly build professional videos. Included are many transitions, lower third captions, promos, and more.

Modular & Modern Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Minimal After Effects Broadcast Package

With dozens of included scenes, this broadcast package gives you plenty of choices. It uses a minimalist aesthetic to help your content shine as you share it.

 Minimal Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Stylish After Effects Broadcast Package

With a broad focus, this Stylish Broadcast Package offers an array of designs and components inside. You will find everything from credits to transitions and sponsor titles for sharing.

 Stylish Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

One Broadcast Package for After Effects

The One Broadcast Package is easy to customize, with no plugins required. Choose from the layout structures you want to use, then drop in your content.

 One Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Broadcast News Package

This broadcast package is tailored for news broadcasts. These effects are text-focused, with titles, captions, and more. In total, over 120 designs are included in the pack.

 News Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

After Effects Fashion Broadcast Package

Fashionable and elegant, a broadcast pack like this has been created to impress. An array of full HD graphics are included, with easy color-change features built in.

 Fashion Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

Flat Design Broadcast Package for After Effects

Are you searching for a consistent aesthetic for your broadcasts? This pack has you covered, with 39 unique layouts and scenes in the download.

 Flat Design Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

AE Clean Broadcast Package

Here is a broadcast package with a clean look and feel. That means it won’t distract from the content you’re sharing on-screen. You’ll even find placeholders to share your social media presence.

 Clean Broadcast Package Template After Effects Video Production

How to Install an After Effects Broadcast Package

By following these steps, you can install and use your downloaded broadcast package in After Effects and customize it to quickly create your desired video output.

  1. Make sure you have the broadcast package files downloaded and saved on your computer. Typically, a broadcast package includes various elements such as templates, animations, presets, and fonts.
  2. In After Effects, create a new project by clicking on File in the menu bar, then selecting New and New Project.
  3. To import the broadcast package files into your project, go to the File menu, select Import, and choose the appropriate files from your desktop. You can import individual files or select multiple files at once.
  4. After importing the files, organize them within the After Effects project panel. This step is essential to keep your project well-structured and easily accessible.
  5. Create a composition in After Effects by clicking Composition in the menu bar and selecting New Composition. Once you have a composition, you can drag and drop the elements from the project panel into the composition timeline.
  6. After adding the elements to the composition, you can customize and modify them according to your requirements. This may involve adjusting colors, text, positions, durations, or any other parameters provided by the downloaded broadcast package.
  7. Next, preview your composition and use the playback controls to preview the animation. If you are happy with the result, you can render the composition.
  8. To render the composition, go to the Composition menu, select Add to Render Queue, and set the desired output settings. Configure the render settings, including the output format, resolution, and destination folder. Finally, click the Render button to start the rendering process.
  9. Once rendering is complete, save your After Effects project and export the final video file from the rendered composition. You can choose the appropriate export format based on your intended use, such as MP4, MOV, or others.

Broadcast Package FAQs

  • What are Broadcast Packages?
    Broadcast packages are comprehensive sets of graphic templates used to create a cohesive visual style in television broadcasts, including intros, lower thirds, transitions, and more.
  • Who Should Use Broadcast Packages?
    They are ideal for video producers, TV stations, YouTube channel owners, and anyone looking to create a professional, uniform look across their broadcast content.
  • Can Beginners Use Broadcast Packages?
    Beginners can use these packages, as they often come with user-friendly customization options. Basic knowledge of After Effects is beneficial.
  • Are These Packages Customizable to Fit My Brand?
    Yes, most broadcast packages are designed to be fully customizable, allowing you to adapt colors, text, and graphics to your brand’s identity.
  • Do I Need Any Additional Plugins to Use These Packages?
    Some packages might require additional plugins, but many are created using only After Effects’ built-in tools and features.
  • What Elements are Typically Included in a Broadcast Package?
    A standard package often includes intros, outros, lower thirds, transitions, promo screens, and sometimes weather and news tickers.
  • How Can I Incorporate My Logo into a Broadcast Package?
    You can easily replace placeholder logos with your own using the editable layers designated for logos in the package.
  • Can I Use These Packages for Online Content, Not Just TV?
    Absolutely, these packages are versatile and can be used for online content, including YouTube videos and web series.
  • Is it Cost-Effective to Use Pre-Made Broadcast Packages?
    Using pre-made packages can be very cost-effective, saving you the time and expense of creating graphics from scratch while maintaining a high-quality broadcast look.

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