20 Fine Examples of Backlit Photography


There is a difference between background lighting and backlighting. Background lighting refers to the light a photographer uses to illuminate a backdrop or background. On the other hand, backlighting refers to the main source of light being directly behind the subject, creating a glow around them. There are techniques that will allow photographers to use natural lighting to create this effect, but it is usually created with the help of artificial lights.

By using the backlit technique, photographers can add depth to their images. However, when used incorrectly, it will lead to unintended shadows and the film being overexposed. Remember that not everything can be photographed well using the backlight technique because the stronger the light source is, the stronger the backlight will be.

If you are shooting in natural light during the middle of the day, the sun may be too high in the sky to create a proper backlight. Because the sun is high in the sky, the effect will extend from behind the subject to being on top of them. Take the pictures during the morning or late afternoon for complete backlighting, where the sun is at a lower angle in the sky and covers the subject.

If you are shooting with artificial backlighting, make sure your subject is placed in front of dark-colored backgrounds. This will make your subject stand out more, and the glow or rim light created by the backlight be more emphasized. We will show you some of the finest examples of backlit photography in this gallery. Use them as an inspiration for your own future photoshoots.

What is Backlit Photography?

Backlit photography is a technique where the lighting comes from behind the subject, creating a glow or halo effect around it. This method can highlight edges, create silhouettes, or impart a dramatic mood to the photograph.

Backlit photography requires careful exposure control to balance the light and maintain detail in the subject. It’s often used to enhance the mood of portraits, landscapes, and macro shots, adding depth and interest to the composition.

Gallery of Backlit Photography

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