Blog Posts Your Web Design Clients Wish You Would Write


As a web designer, your website is the single most deadly tool in your marketing arsenal. Here is your chance to really make an impression on visitors to your site by using it as an example of how well you do your job.

In addition to making choices about choosing the colour, fonts, elements, layout and the design elements that really make your site unique, don’t forget about your blog.

I know you probably prefer the design and development aspect of your website, but blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate the knowledge and value you bring to potential clients.

While many experts suggest publishing at least two or three original and unique posts each week, it can be challenging to come up with snappy headlines and useful content to engage your readers.

Guess what? We’re here to help. Use these tips and 50 nifty blog post ideas to jumpstart a new web design blog or revitalize a more established one. Bookmark this page and come back often!

Who Is Reading Your Blog?

Visitors to your web design blog are either people you’ve attracted using one of these awesome methods for finding new web design clients or those who are directed to your site via online search results. You probably check on the traffic for your clients’ websites from time to time, so don’t forget to analyse your own site’s traffic.

Make note of the keyword phrases people search for, and use them as ideas for future blog posts. It is a lot easier to come up with useful and shareable web design posts when you have a good idea of who your audience is and what they want to know.

Anticipate Questions and Answer Them In Blog Posts

This is a lot easier if you have a web design niche. If you specialize in designing websites for real estate agents, you expect questions about how you will incorporate their listing images and video into their site.

If website design for restaurants is your area of expertise, write about does and don’ts of showcasing menus with mouth-watering images. The more you know about your target audience, the easier it is to put yourself in their shoes and figure out just what will grab their attention and keep them returning to your site until they become your clients.

Use a variety of techniques in your posts including lists, question and answer formats, and infographics. Don’t forget to encourage comments and sharing of your posts through social media.

Bravely Go Where No Business Blogger Has Before

Don’t be afraid to tackle the tough questions in your blog. Put on your big kid undies and address past, current and future controversies in web design issues, and common problems facing website owners and designers. Talk about customer service issues and variances in fees, rates and services.

Don’t forget that as a business to business (B2B) enterprise, in many cases your clients are also your peers, and the more you can show you face the same challenges that they do the more comfortable they will be with you, improving your long-term relationship.

Too many business owners make the blogging mistake of only writing about what interests them, and miss the opportunity to really connect with their audience by talking about issues their competition will avoid.

The following list is provided to get you started creating blog posts for your web design site.

It is written to appeal to readers who are considering web design services to either set up new websites or overhaul their existing site. Lengthen, shorten, tweak and customize as desired to develop a title that suits your business, style, and target audience, and don’t forget to keep a thesaurus handy to search for more appealing synonyms when desired.

Remember that your post title must be compelling enough to capture the readers’ attention, and that it should accurately reflect the content of the post.
Read on for some titles to get you started:

50 Blog Titles Worth Considering:

  1. Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?
  2. Why Do I Need a Web Designer?
  3. What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?
  4. How Web Designers Price Their Products and Services
  5. How Much Does it Cost to Design a Site?
  6. How Much Does it Cost to Redesign a Site?
  7. What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need it?
  8. Which Colours Should I Use for My Website and Why?
  9. What’s Wrong With Using Design Templates?
  10. Why Using a Framework is a Great Idea
  11. 5 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website
  12. 10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away
  13. 5 Things Your Website is Missing
  14. 5 Signs Your Website Needs Works
  15. The Top Three Things Your [Niche] Customers Can’t Find on Your Website
  16. Case Study: 3 Websites We Designed For and How They Improved Sales [This could be done as a weekly blog series]
  17. Why Do I Need a Website When I Have an Offline Marketing Campaign?
  18. What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?
  19. Web Design on a Budget: What Are the Must-Haves for My [Niche] Site?
  20. Why Does my [Niche]Business Need a Website?
  21. What Makes a Great Website
  22. The Latest Web Design Trends We Love
  23. The Latest Web Design Trends We Hate
  24. You Know You Need a Web Designer When…
  25. The Single Most Important Thing About Your Web Design
  26. Our Process for Creating Unique [Niche] Web Sites
  27. 5 Ways to Save Money When Setting Up a New Web Site
  28. The Top 5 [Niche] Websites in [City, Region, Province or Sate] and Why They Work
  29. Mobile First and How it Affects YOUR Business
  30. How Your [Niche] Competitors Get Website Traffic
  31. What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Web Site
  32. Web Design “Service” What is it?
  33. Why Should My Business Care About Cloud Computing?
  34. What Kind of [Images, Videos, Information, Social Media icons] Should My [Niche] Website Include?
  35. How Often Should I Redesign My Website?
  36. How Do We Prevent Our Website From Being Hacked?
  37. 5 Features That Will Make Your [Niche] Website Stand Out From The Crowd
  38. Professional Qualifications to Be a Website Designer (or Developer or SEO Guru or whatever)
  39. Web Designer Rock Stars and The Sites That Made Them Famous
  40. Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card
  41. How Can I Make My [Niche] Website More Effective?
  42. 25 Web Design Definitions You Need to Know
  43. What is Hubspot?
  44. Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites
  45. Web Design: Tools of The Trade
  46. 5 Signs Your Website is Boring
  47. Biggest Problems With Web Designers
  48. What Can A Professional Web Designer Do That I Can’t?
  49. How Long Will it Take to Build My Website?
  50. Why Isn’t My [Niche] Site on Google’s Front Page?

And there you have it. Somewhere in this list there should be at least a few titles that inspire you. Choose one, and start writing!

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