10 Super-Useful Bootstrap 4 Code Snippets


If you’ve done any frontend development then you’ve heard of Bootstrap. It is by far the most significant framework for web developers with the most features out there.

The newer Bootstrap 4 is super easy to use and it even works with many free templates you can find online. But the team has made quite a few changes to BS 4 and there’s a lot of new goodies.

These snippets are some of the coolest examples to showcase what BS4 has to offer. If you want to dive into this newly updated framework, then you’ll love this collection.

1. Life’s A Beach

Take a look at this beachy concept theme created by developer Edd Yerburgh. It shows that you can have a lot of fun working with Bootstrap if you know your way around the library.

In this demo you’ll find page elements for pretty much everything. Cards, buttons, grids, you name it. And the whole thing runs on the latest version of BS4, so the aesthetics are marvelous.

Note this isn’t a theme for Bootstrap, but rather a starting point. You could think of it as a mini-theme showing what Bootstrap has to offer.

2. What’s New In BS4

Here’s another really cool example showing off the goodies in Bootstrap. In this pen you’ll find a minimalist layout with tons of little tidbits on the latest & greatest UI elements.

The code itself is pretty easy to dig through so you can find lots of examples to rework for your own sites.

But the coolest part is lower on the page with links to components and sample page elements. These are great for working into your own projects since they’re clean & easy to restyle.

Certainly a cool snippet but it’s also just a taste of what you get with Bootstrap.

3. Pricing Table

Online sales would plummet without great pricing tables. And thanks to this free snippet by Daniel Zawadzki we can all make killer responsive pricing tables on the BS4 codebase.

This design is really simple and doesn’t use too much color. It’s the best way to rework a template from scratch since you don’t have to worry about changing too much outside of the layout.

4. BS4 Grid rem Demo

Developer Nicholas Cerminara created this grid demo using Bootstrap 4 and the newer rem unit.

The code works primarily in CSS, but there is a small bit of JavaScript so you can switch between font sizes. This way you can see how the grid auto-scales to suit the needs of your fonts. Pretty cool!

And it’s even cooler since this runs natively in the Bootstrap framework. If you dig into the code on this one, you’ll learn a lot about rems in CSS.

5. NgAudio Player in BS4

The ngAudio script is used in Angular projects for audio players. It’s a popular choice for sounds on the web and this cool snippet combines the ngAudio script with a Bootstrap 4 layout.

Awesome? Totally. Useful? Depends on your project.

If you aren’t a big AngularJS user then this probably won’t interest you. But it’s an interesting merger of the BS4 frontend along with the Angular controller.

6. Profile Card

Here’s a pretty simple project that’s a great practice piece for anyone new to Bootstrap. Developer Nicola Pressi created this profile card with just HTML and CSS code, all of which is based off this Dribbble shot.

I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty darn accurate!

Granted you wouldn’t need Bootstrap to make this from scratch. But it certainly helps to save time, and it’s a great example of BS4 in action.

7. Dynamic Loading Bar

For this demo Noriyo Akita created a progress bar using some jQuery and Bootstrap code. However this one still runs with the BS4 Alpha 3 release so it’s using a slightly outdated version before the beta came out.

Still, I have to say this thing is cool. It doesn’t use the default HTML5 progress element and instead uses buttons that fill up depending on where you click.

This could work with any type of project from basic form steps to checkout pages.

8. Floating Label Fields

It seems like floating labels have quickly become the hottest trend on the modern web. These often save space in your forms and they animate around each input field once the user starts typing.

Have a look at this example coded by Anton Staroverov for a demo running on Bootstrap. It comes with all the typical behaviors you’d expect of floating labels, but with the added benefit of Bootstrap’s awesome framework.

9. BS4 Starter Template

Looking for a simple way to dive into Bootstrap & start playing around? Then check out this starter template and see what you think.

It’s super short and really basic. However, it’s probably the best template you’ll find offering clean BS4 code and very few customizations. That means what you see is mostly the default BS4 style. Cool right?

10. Navbar With Dropdowns

For something a little more complex have a gander at these awesome dropdowns coded with Bootstrap 4. Developer Paweł Wojtas is using some jQuery along with custom animations to create menus that drop into view with style.

Plus the navbar itself stays fixed while you scroll, so the dropdowns are easy to access from anywhere.

This can make a fantastic template if you aren’t sure where to start with your next Bootstrap project.

In fact, the same can be said for all of these superb BS4 code snippets!

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