10+ Best Templates for Creating Brochures in Photoshop


A well-designed business brochure is an essential marketing tool that can help attract new customers and raise awareness about your products or services. Whether attending a networking event or leaving brochures in local cafes, a well-crafted brochure can help you stand out from the competition.

That’s why we’ve created this collection of the best brochure templates for businesses that are not only easy to use but also highly customizable. You can use these templates as a starting point and add your own information, or you can use them as inspiration to create a unique design that showcases your business’s personality and values.

These templates have been designed to save you time and effort, so you can focus on growing your business. Plus, they’re easy to edit and customize in Photoshop, allowing you to change colors, fonts, and other elements to match your brand.

So why wait? Download these business brochure templates today and start creating a brochure that will help you attract new customers and grow your business. With these templates, you can create a brochure that’s both professional and unique for your business.

Top PSD Templates for Designing Brochures

Clean & Modern Multipurpose Brochure V2 (By Pro-Gh, PSD Format)

This clean and modern multi-purpose brochure is a perfect choice for any type of business. The template comes with paragraph and character styles, swatches, styles for your spreadsheet / financial info, block quotes, key figures layout, and much more.

Clean Modern Multipurpose brochure business template format

Square Brochure Template (By Ashuras Sharif, PSD Format)

This Square Brochure template starts off the roundup strong with a modern and high-end design. It includes 16 unique page layouts and comes with defined character and paragraph styles.

Square  brochure business template format

Royal Red Business Brochure (By LeoneDanieli, PSD Format)

Consider the Royal Red Business Brochure if you’re looking for a cutting-edge design. This template for a creative business brochure is perfect for corporate or other business promotions with 22 pages, clearly defined character and paragraph styles, and a pre-made color palette.

Royal Red brochure business template format

The Corporate Brochure (By Graphix Shiv, PSD Format)

The Corporate Brochure template is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a clean and modern design. The template includes 20 pages and was designed in A4 and US letter size format. You’ll also find paragraph styles and a color palette that’s easy to customize.

Corporate brochure business template format

Creative Brochure Template Vol.03 (By RahardiCreative, PSD Format)

This creative brochure template is perfect for any type of creative business, such as designers, illustrators, or artists. The template includes 12 pages, and you can easily customize fonts and colors to match your brand.

Creative brochure business template format

Business Brochure (By Voltury, PSD Format)

The Business Brochure template features a modern and trendy design. With over 20 pages that include everything from company introduction to services overview and contact information, you’ll find everything you need to create a powerful brochure for your business.

brochure business template format

Minimal Brochure Vol II (By sz81, PSD Format)

Try the Minimal Brochure Vol 2 template if you’re looking for a minimal design style. This template was designed in A5 size and includes 18 pages. You’ll also find defined character and paragraph styles and a pre-made color palette that’s easy to customize.

Minimal brochure business template format

Burst Brochure Corporate (By Dirtylinestudio, PSD Format)

This 16-page portfolio and brochure template is perfect for designers working on interior design catalogs, product catalogs, product/graphic design portfolios, and other creative projects. Simply replace the information with your own, customize the visual styles, and the template is ready to print.

 brochure business template format

Impala Brochure Template (By Dirtylinestudio, PSD Format)

The Impala template is a modern brochure template that includes 16 pages and was designed in A4 format. It’s perfect for product catalogs or any other type of creative business brochure. You can easily add more pages or adjust the paragraph styles to match your brand.

Impala brochure business template format

Sport Square Brochure (By Kahuna Design, PSD Format)

Try the Sport Square Brochure if you’re working on a sports brochure design. This template includes well-defined character and paragraph styles. It also includes a well-organized structure with images and text on separate layers.

Sport Square brochure business template format

Business Brochure Template FAQs

  • What are These Brochure Templates?
    They are pre-designed layouts that businesses can use to create their own brochures. They provide a professional structure, making it easy to showcase services or products.
  • Why Should My Business Use Brochure Templates?
    Using templates saves time and ensures your brochure has a professional look, which is key to making a good impression on potential customers.
  • Can I Customize These Brochure Templates to Fit My Brand?
    Yes, you can adjust the colors, fonts, images, and layout to align with your company’s branding and messaging.
  • Do I Need Special Software to Edit These Brochure Templates?
    Some templates may require specific software like Adobe InDesign or Photoshop, but others can be edited with more common programs like Microsoft Word.
  • What Information Should Be Included in a Business Brochure?
    Your brochure should include details about your services or products, contact information, a brief company history, and any unique selling points.
  • How Can I Ensure My Brochure Stands Out?
    Use high-quality images and graphics, maintain a clear and concise message, and make sure the design represents your brand’s image.
  • Are These Templates Suitable for Both Digital and Print Use?
    Most brochure templates are versatile enough to be adapted for digital distribution, like email attachments, as well as for high-quality printing.
  • Can I Use My Own Photos and Graphics in These Templates?
    Absolutely. Personalizing your brochure with your own visuals can make it more unique and relevant to your business.
  • What are the Best Practices for Printing Business Brochures?
    Ensure high-resolution images are used, select quality paper, and consider professional printing services for the best results.


You can easily design a professional brochure for any business, thanks to creative and modern brochure templates.

Start by browsing through our collection of best brochure templates and use them to get your creative juices flowing so you can design an attention-grabbing brochure for any industry.

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