Browser Awareness Day: Encouraging Users to Upgrade Their Browsers


If you are a web developer, chances are that the most annoying part of your work is related to performing cross-browser compatibility checks. Plus, even if you are not into web development and are an average user of the internet, having an updated web browser is essential, don’t you think?

In fact, many users are often unaware of the advantages of having an up-to-date web browser. Maybe they do not care, or simply do not know the benefits — in either case, an outdated web browser not only hinders the end users’ internet browsing experience but can also becomes a nightmare for most web developers (recall: IE 6).

What, then, is the solution for this problem? The folks at Team Geek have come up with one such idea: Browser Awareness Day – a social campaign to alert users that they need to upgrade their browsers.

Basically, the idea is to urge users to upgrade their web browsers, thereby helping them browse better and also lessening the developers’ burden.

Sounds interesting? You can generate snippets that you include in the <body> of your site that will inform your visitors if their browser is out of date. Furthermore, you can download banners and even upload your brand’s logo and details to show support for the Browser Awareness Day.

"Together, we can make the Internet better."

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