Chill Out with These Calming CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets


We could all use a little calm in our lives. What with the pressures that come along with web design and development – not to mention the state of the world. There are plenty of reasons to find an escape.

And while getting out of the office is a great way to relax, it’s not always feasible. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to bring about some peace wherever you are.

Our mission for today is to help you recharge from your daily grind with…code. That’s right. The snippets in this collection can take you away, even as you sit at your desk. So, sit back and gain some positive energy from these clever creations.

Take Me to the Tropics

The gentle swaying of palm trees in the ocean breeze. Is there any destination that’s more desirable? If you can’t get there in person, you can at least check out this sunny JavaScript animation. Pro Tip: To make the experience fully-immersive, turn on a fan and grab one of those fancy umbrella drinks.

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Light breeze on perfectly round island
by Bailh.

Hypnotic Jogging

Sometimes, it’s the simplest-looking animations that are the most calming. This jogger is a prime example. The looping motion of each step, wind in hair and blowing scarf make for a serene scene – especially if you turn the speed down a notch. Don’t be fooled by the simple look, however. There’s a good bit of JavaScript powering this athlete.

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Cole run cycle
by Dave DeSandro.

Peace, Love and JavaScript

Need a colorful reminder to chill out? This trippy animated peace sign will have stars dancing in your eyes – literally. As the stars spread out across the screen, take a closer look at the motion trail each one leaves behind. A groovy path to follow, for sure.

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Peace Springs
by Tiffany Rayside.

Calming Curves

Here’s another example of how simple is often better. This CSS conglomeration of curved lines is quite basic, yet powerful. Their ribbon-like movements and changes in opacity result in a pleasing effect. Watching for a few minutes can help you shed that daily stress.

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Stay Calm
by Eric Porter.

Sweet (Or Sour) Stress Relief

When done at a leisurely pace, changing colors can bring a sense of serenity. Take this bubble gum experiment, for example. Both the 3D sphere and background shift gradient colors to gently engage the user. For a fun twist, you can change up the color scheme to reflect “sweet” or “sour” gum.

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Bubble Gum
by ilithya.

The Calming CSS Cube

This 3D cube has a lot going on. As it rotates on an axis, a set of circles within swing back and forth like a pendulum. But because this CSS animation is set to a lower speed, it’s more relaxing than overwhelming.

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Abstract Cube
by Mattia Astorino.

Peaceful Design

While most of the snippets in this collection feature animation, movement isn’t always necessary. This mockup for a mindfulness app demonstrates how design itself can bring some Zen into your life. Both the day and night modes are attractive and serve as a reminder to simply breathe.

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Mindfulness app
by co0kie.

Growing Nature

OK, we generally don’t have time to sit and watch plants grow. But we can take a few seconds out of our busy day to see these virtual vines come to life. Plants sprout and gently sway in a virtual breeze, thanks to HTML5 canvas animation powered by JavaScript.

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Plant Growth Prototype: Dark Garden
by Matthew Main.

Keep Calm and Code On

Maybe it seems counterintuitive. But code can actually provide a calming presence – and these snippets are proof.

By utilizing color, motion and interactivity, they offer up a brief escape from the pressures of daily life. While they aren’t going to replace a proper vacation or even a day off, there are benefits to be had. Think of them as a tiny reset that will refresh your brain so that you can get on with your to-do list.

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