Test in Production with CloudBees Rollout Feature Flags


Releasing software is inherently risky business. While providing new features is great, it also has the potential to cause unforeseen issues for users. When that happens, you might find yourself scrambling to roll back the update and subsequently head back to the drawing board.

To minimize risk, you need a smarter solution. Enter CloudBees Rollout, an enterprise feature flag management system that separates releases from deployments. Features are released through progressive delivery, resulting in a faster and safer process.

Even better is that your team is in complete control every step of the way. Let’s take a look at what makes CloudBees Rollout a must-have tool for wrangling your app’s features.

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The Power to Continuously Release Features

First, let’s talk about the term “feature flag”. It’s a way of determining whether or not a feature in your app will run, based on a specific condition – like user input. Everything from website plugins to complex mobile apps utilize them.

It stands to reason that, the more features your app includes, the more difficult time you’ll have keeping track of them all. CloudBees Rollout is a secure and scalable feature management platform that cuts through the chaos and empowers you. Manage every feature through a single dashboard and turn them on or off as needed.

In addition, you’ll be able to see who created and changed each feature flag, along with vital feature distribution data. This helps you make better decisions and release features in a more well-organized manner.

Target Your Users

Want to see how a new feature is working with a specific group of users? With CloudBees Rollout, you can create user segments based on things like subscription tier, IP address, email and more via its easy-to-use SDKs and API. Segment rules are highly-flexible and can be static or dynamic.

Segments are also a great way to give your quality assurance or testing teams access to the production version of your app. This helps you spot problems before they impact users.

CloudBees Rollout target groups screen.

Control New Releases

It’s important to manage feature releases with precision, and CloudBees Rollout can help. They provide a simple and powerful UI that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to new versions. You control who gets access and when they’ll get it.

CloudBees Rollout audience screen.

Analyze Results

Data is crucial to understanding how your releases are faring in the real world. Use CloudBees Rollout’s intuitive dashboard or hook up your Google Analytics account to get the full story. The service also works with a wide variety of additional analytics and APM tools. You’ll be able to analyze data in the format that works for you.

CloudBees Rollout analytics dashboard.

Turn Off Features without Rolling Back Code

If the unexpected does happen, use the handy Kill Switch to turn off features in production. This immediately “kills” the feature and doesn’t require you to roll back code. It’s fast, safe and simple.

Support for Multiple Clients and Platforms

Whatever language or platform you’re working with, odds are that CloudBees Rollout supports it. Client-side SDKs include solutions for iOS, Android, JavaScript and React. Server-side SDKs include kits for Java, Node.js, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and more. Plus, you’ll also find full native support for IoT and mobile devices.

Start Your Free 14 Day Trial of CloudBees Rollout

As your software grows, it becomes more difficult to manage. That’s where a trusted system like CloudBees Rollout can be a lifesaver.

The platform helps you control each and every aspect of your app’s feature releases. Target users with fine-grain precision, test your features in production and decouple them from code. If a feature isn’t working, simply turn it off – it’s that easy.

It’s time to take control of your feature flags. Sign up with CloudBees Rollout today and receive a free 14 day trial. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you and your team.

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