The Beauty of Bright Colors & Geometrical Shapes in Brand Identity


Bright visual identities, as well as those featuring clever geometric compositions, are popping up everywhere. While these two trends can stand independently and offer designers a vast scope of opportunities, they can make an even more significant impact when used together.

This combination is not simply a colorful scheme used in tandem with geometry, but a true symbiosis where splashes of color are enclosed within various geometric frames.

These designs can interact with each other or work separately, but together they create unique abstract scenery that adorns the backgrounds of various elements of brand identity, from business cards to packaging.

Let’s look at some exciting projects that exemplify this combined trend.

Personal Branding by Allyssa Ellis

Let’s kick off our collection with a successful personal branding campaign: Allyssa Ellis’ very own brand. The purpose of this branding was to showcase her lively, playful, and magnetic personality to her target audience, and she certainly hit the mark.

From the get-go, the brand identity exudes a positive vibe that captivates and draws you in. The sleek and graceful shapes of the design contribute to an overall elegant feel, while the pastel color palette further enhances the feminine atmosphere. Overall, the project brilliantly encapsulates Allyssa’s unique creative perspective and character.

Personal Branding by Allyssa Ellis

Floating Award, Campaign & Identity for Young Guns 16

Prepare to be amazed by this design’s exuberant personality! Despite the coordinated chaos of explosive, vibrant hues, it feels like an artistic outburst that captures the essence of young creativity.

It’s no surprise that the project boasts such a bold and slightly unconventional appearance, as it aims to represent young creatives. Note how the colors overlap the letters, blurring the boundary between foreground and background, resulting in a brilliant and innovative idea.

YOUNG GUNS 16 (YG16) Floating Award

Identity & Packaging Design for Folks Patisserie

In contrast to the previous two examples that exude youthful exuberance, this brand identity project exudes a mature and sophisticated vibe.

The golden shapes add a touch of luxury to the design. Pay close attention to how effortlessly and seamlessly the designers have managed to merge such bold colors as lime and turquoise, resulting in a truly fantastic outcome.

Identity and packaging design for Folks patisserie

Museum Identity by Kristina Hristova

This project is undoubtedly one of a kind, with a distinctively peculiar artistic quality that perfectly suits the museum theme. It wouldn’t be out of place among the installations of a modern art gallery.

Each element catches the eye with its intricate design, featuring thoughtful layering and color combinations that, at times, evoke a scrapbook style, albeit with modern twists and a restrained use of layers. This project’s distinctive and unconventional approach sets it apart from the crowd.

Museum Identity

Taipei Songshan Airport Visual Identity by Seikyo Jo & I-Mor Liao

This project is simply outstanding, drawing inspiration from the airport terminal design and traditional Chinese window lattice to create a visually striking visual identity.

The design features sharp angles and rectangles that convey a techy and business-like vibe. The color scheme, derived from the airport terminal design, enhances the overall aesthetics.

Taipei Songshan Airport - Visual Identity

Thousand The Boutique by Cansu Merdamert

Cansu Merdamert has tackled one of the most challenging yet stunning color combinations out there, guided by the client’s goal of cultivating an atmosphere of luxury living and the spirit of London.

The design’s use of green, yellow, and red exudes luxury without coming across as too flashy. The smooth shapes in the design also add a friendly and inviting touch, striking a balance between aesthetics and the business-oriented aspect of the project.

Thousand The Boutique

CiDOWN Brand Identity by John Dias

John Dias’ project is truly amazing! The use of bright colors, with purple taking center stage, combined with geometric shapes, creates a playful and positive vibe that skillfully captures the brand’s essence.

The shapes may seem childlike, but they add a touch of charm to the design. The duotone photography, featuring beautiful shades of yellow and green, blends perfectly with the overall design and immediately captures the viewer’s attention. The design not only sets the tone for the company but also conveys a message that’s bold and attention-grabbing.

CiDOWN Brand Identity

Academy Brand Identity Design by Baianat

Unlike the previous examples with sleek aesthetics, this designer’s brand identity concept looks sharp – literally and figuratively.

The design features colorful polygons that come together to create striking visuals, and the typography with acute letterforms completes the ensemble. The project is aimed at youth and easily resonates with Generation Z, thanks to its daring appearance.

Academy Brand Identity Design

LFD Indentity by Atelier Irradié

Similar to the previous example, LFD’s brand identity also features sharp angles and irregular polygons that overlap each other, resulting in an intricate and layered design.

However, this time, the color scheme is less daring than Academy’s. On the contrary, the colors complement each other perfectly, creating a harmonious and balanced design. The beautiful patchwork design, reminiscent of leather, effortlessly portrays the fashion industry that inspired this project.


Sharing Horizons Debrecen 2023

Circles take center stage in this visual identity, with geometric shapes serving as a dynamic and symbolic element in the design.

The bright colors create a striking visual impact. Using horizontally split layouts identifies the horizon and enhances the overall idea. And the beautiful photography add a personal touch that makes the concept relatable to people.

Debrecen 2023 - European Capital of Culture

Geometry & Colorful Shapes

Each trend has advantages and disadvantages, but both can effectively draw and maintain the user’s focus on the brand identity, resulting in magnificent designs that border on artwork.

Using bright color schemes in tandem with a geometric shapes doesn’t necessarily produce an overly ornate outcome, instead, the shapes, especially circles, soften the impact generated by the vibrancy of the colors.

While each trend has distinct qualities, they become a powerful force when used together.

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