8 Caffeine-Powered CSS and JavaScript Snippets


Sure, the thought of web developers downing caffeinated beverages by the gallon is a stereotype. But if you browse social media enough, it sure does seem like many of us partake in the ritual.

You also see various homages to that liquid lightning on CodePen. Through clever use of the latest web technologies, developers have crafted virtual drinks and the machines that make (or dispense) them. It’s clearly a love affair.

Today, we’ll take you on a caffeine-induced tour of code snippets that are sure to get you buzzing.

Make Mine a Venti

There’s a particular coffee chain that is known worldwide – we will not mention it here. But the logo is pretty recognizable and the white paper cups are ubiquitous. One crafty developer recreated both – using CSS and SVG.

See the Pen Starbucks Cup – CSS by Ellie

Soda Fountain

Maybe you’re more of a soda drinker? In that case, you’ll want to dive into this gooey drizzle of grape soda (perhaps it’s just the syrup). It’s powered by Three.js, making the animation silky-smooth. What makes the presentation even more fun is that the viewing angle is changed via the user’s cursor position.

See the Pen Grape Soda by Liam Egan

Win a Complimentary Beverage

This snippet combines the tastiness of coffee with the excitement of a casino. Pull (or click) the handle of the slot machine and see if you’re a winner (trust us, you’ll know). Through its usage of JavaScript, it seems like the odds of winning are only slightly better than that of a real machine.

See the Pen Caffeine Slot Machine by Neal Fennimore

Tea Time

We can’t forget about the delightfulness of a good cup of tea. It refreshes and energizes. This simple SVG animation makes us want to curl up with a hot cup and a good book.

See the Pen SVG Tea Mug by Chris Gannon

E is for Espresso

This one is a classic. In true children’s television fashion, an animated espresso machine forms the letter “E”. The only caveat is that espresso might not be the best drink for the kiddies – not if you want them to take a nap, anyway.

See the Pen E – Espresso by Alex Bergin

The History of Caffeine

Timeline layouts are growing in popularity and a great way to showcase a chronology. And really, there’s no better way to illustrate the history of caffeine, as done in this example. The super-clean layout makes it easy to follow and read.

See the Pen Timeline by Amy Spielmaker

Your Friendly Caffeine Vending Machine

Granted, not every beverage featured in this virtual vending machine is caffeinated. Still, rows one and three will get the job done. But there’s more! Not only can you grab a virtual Coke, you can also “drink” it as well. Burps not included.

See the Pen Coca Cola Vending Machine (Interactive) by Giovanni Hobbins

Just a Squeeze Will Do

It’s hard not to smile when you see this little coffee dispenser do its thing. Featuring ultra-smooth SVG animation, this example also adds the element of fun. It’s great inspiration for memorable branding as well.

See the Pen #1 – Coffee Machine – SVG animation with CSS3 by Jonathan Silva

Fueling Creative Energy

Maybe caffeinated beverages aren’t for everyone. But they have helped many a web designer power through projects over the years. And, ironically, they’ve also fueled some of us through the process of learning the very languages and techniques we’ve seen here today.

So, here’s a virtual glass-clink to caffeine and those who consume it while building the web. We salute you both!

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