Foundation 4 has just been released – Now taking a ‘Mobile First’ approach


With the increase in popularity of mobile devices, the need to create and develop mobile-friendly websites has also increased manifolds. Naturally, this has led to a surge in the development of tools that can help you build websites with mobile users in mind. One such tool that has recently undergone a major revamp is the popular Foundation Framework from ZURB.

Right from its inception, the SASS-powered Foundation Framework has taken the web by storm, and now, with the release of Foundation 4, ZURB intends to take its popularity to a new level.

foundation framework 4 css html web-design screenshot

They have not just added new features and tweaked the code, the codebase for the responsive front-end framework has been completely rewritten. According to ZURB, the objective behind the rewrite has been to project a “mobile-first” approach. From their blog:

“We’ve retooled Foundation from the ground up to be Mobile First. This is no hack job; we didn’t just flip some media queries and call it a day. We went through the framework and rethought how grids should work, how components should work in a mobile-first paradigm, so we could be sure the solution we deliver in Foundation 4 is smart and sturdy.”

foundation framework 4 details css html webdesign

Time and again, the Foundation Framework has proven to be a fantastic starting point for designers and developers who want to create content for the mobile web. Will the changes in Foundation 4 be well received? Well, only time can tell!

What do you think of Foundation 4 by ZURB?

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