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Drupal has perhaps one of the most misunderstood reputations within web design. It is generally thought of as an overblown and hard to learn CMS that is aimed only towards large corporate/business websites. Yes, it can handle very large and complex websites, but the truth is Drupal can be used effectively for any type of website, from blogs, personal portfolios, community driven sites, and, as we have already mentioned, large corporate, business and government sites as well. It is a remarkable CMS.

We haven’t published anything related to Drupal in a while, so this post is long overdue. What we have aimed to do is blow away any idea you may have had that all free Drupal themes are basic and ugly – we think we have achieved that. You will love the varied selection of beautiful themes we have for you below.

Jackson (6.x)


The Jackson Theme is a feature-rich, well-organized, theme based on the NineSixty (960) Theme. Its clean layout and lightweight code make it a perfecttheme for small tomedium-sized business to get up and running quickly.

Acquia Prosper (6.x)

Acquia Prosper

Acquia Prosper has been developed as an Ubercart e-commerce theme that is easy to customize, yet extremely flexible for any type of ecommerce site.

Asesor Blue (5.x)

Asesor Blue

Asesor Blue is a clean and simple corporate theme that supports all default Drupal theme features; Logo, site name, search box, favicon, primary links and secondary links.

Libra (7.x)


The flexible fluid or fixed Libra can optionally include a secondary menu, site name, slogan, inline search box and primary links. Its design has a cean combination of blue sky colors and efective typography.

AD The Morning After (5.x & 6.x)

AD The Morning After

Who doesn't know the WordPress theme 'The Morning After'! This is a Drupal port of the WP theme, but this one being a sub-theme, it will require the parent-theme Zen to run. It is ideal for magazine sites or blogs with heavy content.

Opengrid Academica for Drupal (6.x)

Opengrid Academica for Drupal

Download & Docs →

Modernist (6.x)


The beautiful Modernist theme is a minimal theme focused on great typography. Beautifully built yet transparent, it has been designed with a focus on optimal typography in order to better showcase your content: text, images and video.

MD Construction (6.x & 7.x)

MD Construction

This is a free under construction theme for Drupal. It comes with a choice of 6 colors (blue (default), brown, green, orange, pink, purple) and you can customise the logo, favicon, title, add Google Analytics code. all within the themes setting page.
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A-Cloudy-Day Mobile Theme (6.x & 7.x)

A-Cloudy-Day Mobile Theme

The Cloudy Day Mobile Theme is based on the original A Cloudy Day theme. Support for logo, slogan, mission, primary links, secondary link, search, user pictures and the content and footer are editable regions.

Frameworks and Base Themes

Square Grid Theme (7.x)

Square Grid Theme

The Square Grid theme has been inspired by the Square Grid CSS Framework. The concept of this theme is simple: To provide a base theme defined by the Square Grid framework, for designers and front-end developers to use as a parent theme for a Square Grid-based design.

MM – Minimalist Theme (7.x)

MM - Minimalist Theme

MM is a minimalistic HTML5 three-column, fixed width layout theme for Drupal 7 perfect as a frameworks for developers. Its a subtheme of the excellent Boron HTML5 base theme.

Noodle (Beta)


This theme has been developed to allow rapid creation of custom (sub)themes and includes basic styles and features. Compared to many existing Drupal theme frameworks it works right away, it is lightweight, and there are not many of settings to obey.
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Drupalizing Themes

Drupalizing is a resource that allows you to suggest (and download) your favorite WordPress themes' port to Drupal. Just visit the site, drop in the WordPress theme's link and name, and if your suggestion is appealing enough, that particular WordPress theme will be ported to Drupal by the Drupalizing guys.

The only catch is that only GPL licensed themes can be ported (you know the drill, copyright issues etc.)! So far, four themes have been ported: JournalCrunch, Bluemasters, Magazeen Lite and ImpreZZ, you can view them below:

Journal Crunch

Journal Crunch

Journal Crunch Demo →

Blue Masters

Blue Masters

Blue Masters Demo →



Imprezz Demo →

Magazeen Lite

Magazeen Lite

Magazeen Lite Demo →

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