The 15+ Best Free Graffiti Fonts for Creative Designers


Graffiti, with its roots in urban culture, makes its mark on design with its unique style and expressive power. Its vibrant colors, bold lines, and power to express strong messages make it a popular design style.

For designers, graffiti fonts offer an urban aesthetic that can bring a project to life in ways few other elements can. They draw inspiration from the streets, reflecting the boldness of the wall art in many cities worldwide.

They can transform a simple message into a visual experience with layers of depth and emotion. Whether for branding, advertising, or digital art, using graffiti fonts means embracing urban culture.

We have collected our favorite graffiti fonts here. And best of all? They are free to download and use! They can all be used in personal projects, but some can also be used in commercial projects.

The Top Graffiti Fonts for Designers

Hosp Graffiti Font (Free)

Hosp is an excellent choice for any modern project that needs a bold and brave aesthetic. This grafitti font includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation characters. It’s free for personal use.

Free Hosp Graffiti Font

Sprite Graffiti Font (Free)

This font comes in three different styles, and you can use it when you need that graffiti look but still want to maintain legibility. The font is free for personal and commercial use and has desktop and web font licenses.

Free Sprite Graffiti Font

MostWanted Graffiti Font

The MostWanted Graffiti font is an urban font with both uppercase and lowercase letters. You can mix and match them to create a unique design.

MostWanted Graffiti Font

Tag Type Free Font (Free)

Tag Type features uppercase and lowercase letters. It is free to download and use in personal projects. The font also includes punctuation and Cyrillic characters.

Tag Type Free Font

BlowBrush Font (Free)

BlowBrush is a handwritten, marker-style font that’s perfect for any project that needs boldness. The free font has a complete set of uppercase characters, numbers, 22 ligatures, a selection of special characters.

Free BlowBrush Font

Graffiti Front Font (Free)

This free font is an excellent choice for movie poster designs. It features a full set of characters and can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Free Graffiti Front Font

The Graffiti Font (Free)

This Grafitti font is available in both black and white and colored versions. You can also download it as a PNG file and use it on personal and commercial projects.

Free The Graffiti Font

Don Graffiti Font (Free)

This font has been inspired by old-school graffiti. It’s free for personal and commercial projects and is an excellent choice for movie posters, displays, magazine covers, and headlines.

Free Don Graffiti Font

Brushed Font (Free)

The Brushed Font is free for personal use and includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation characters.

Free Brushed Font

Humblle Rought Font (Free)

This graffiti font includes regular and slanted versions. It has a rough look and feel, so it’s an excellent choice for retro design projects. It includes standard and alternate character sets and multilingual support.

Free Humblle Rought Font

Marker No2Hun Font (Free)

The Marker No2Hun font is free for personal use and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation characters. Some alternates are also available.

Free Marker No2Hun Font

Fusterd Brush Font (Free)

The Fusterd Brush font has an elegant look and feel. It can be used for personal and commercial projects. The font has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and stylistic swashes.

Free Fusterd Brush Font

JuneBug Font (Free)

JuneBug is a playful, graffiti-style font perfect for any design project aimed toward a younger audience. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. The font is free for personal use.

Free JuneBug Font

Vindica Rebel Brush Typeface (Free)

The Vindica Rebel Brush is an uppercase font with matching numerals and punctuation characters. It’s an excellent choice for apparel or poster design.

Free Vindica Rebel Brush Typeface

Hoodson Script (Free)

Hoodson Script is a bold graffiti font that would be a great choice for poster, headline, or apparel design. It’s free for personal use.

Free Hoodson Script

Graffiti Font FAQs

  • What are Graffiti Fonts?
    They are a unique style of typeface that draws inspiration from street art and urban culture. They capture the bold and expressive nature of graffiti spray painting, often characterized by vibrant colors, intricate designs, and a rebellious spirit.
  • Why Use Free Graffiti Fonts?
    They’re great for adding a vibrant, street-style edge to your designs. Whether you’re working on a poster, a flyer, or digital content, graffiti fonts can give your project an eye-catching, urban flair.
  • Are Graffiti Fonts Suitable for All Types of Projects?
    Graffiti fonts work best for projects that need a bold, unconventional look. They might be unsuitable for more formal or corporate designs due to their nature.
  • Can I Use Graffiti Fonts in Logo Design?
    Yes, for the right brand or project, graffiti fonts can create a memorable logo. They’re particularly effective for brands that target a youthful audience.
  • How Legible are Graffiti Fonts?
    While they’re artistic, some graffiti fonts may sacrifice readability for style. It’s best to use them for short texts like titles, headers, or logos where clarity is less important.
  • Can Graffiti Fonts Be Paired with Other Font Styles?
    Yes, pairing a graffiti font with a simpler font can create a nice contrast. Just ensure the overall design remains cohesive and legible.
  • Can Graffiti Fonts be Used for Social Media Graphics?
    Graffiti fonts can make social media graphics stand out, especially for promotions, events, or content related to music, arts, and youth culture.
  • Do Graffiti Fonts Work Well for Print Projects?
    They can be used for print projects like posters, flyers, or album covers where a strong visual impact is needed.
  • How Can I Ensure the Legibility of Graffiti Fonts in My Design?
    Use them for larger headings or focal points rather than body text. Also, give enough spacing and a simple background to ensure the text stands out.

A Streetwise Attitude

Graffiti fonts will bring a rebellious and artistic feel to your design projects. Their bold strokes offer a captivating choice for designers looking to break away from convention.

They add a streetwise attitude, transforming typography into a form of art that captures attention and amplifies messages with a dynamic and edgy style.

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