40+ Best Free Headline & Title Fonts for Creatives


Your choice of font for titles or headlines is a crucial part of the design process, as it creates a visual hierarchy that will help make your content more legible, and as an extension, memorable and impactful.

The font you choose will depend on the style of your design, the intended reader, and how you would like your content to be perceived (professional or other). Typically, they use a larger font size so that they stand out from the main content of a design.

It doesn’t matter if your headline font is serif or sans, thick or thin, or regular or bold. What matters is that the title font is legible, distinguished, and, most importantly, does not overpower your content, page, or design. With the proper application, your title or headline font will add a distinctive and intriguing element to any UI or print design project.

This collection focuses on clean, distinctive, highly-legible, and beautiful free fonts for creating beautiful headlines and titles. Whether you use them on the web or in print, these are the fonts you will need to give your typography the professional impact your readers or users demand.

All fifty fonts have been confirmed to be free to use on personal or commercial projects, but please check the licenses in case they change in the future.

The Top Headline & Title Fonts for Creatives

1. Aleo Font by Alessio Laiso, Free

Aleo is a free headline and title font created by Alessio Laiso. The ligatures are perfect for readability, and you can pick from six styles to craft the perfect title for your next article.

Aleo free title headline typography font typeface

2. Bariol Font Family by Atipo Foundry, Free

Friendly and fun, Bariol is an excellent headline and title font for your next project. This sans-serif will work perfectly if you want to establish a casual tone from the get-go. You’ll get Bariol regular and Bariol italic in the free version, or upgrade to get more.

Bariol free title headline typography font typeface

3. RNS Camelia

Inspired by typography you would’ve seen on the streets of New York in the 1920s and 1930s, RNS Camelia is a modernized demi-slab typeface. You’ll get 14 styles (from thin to black) to make your headlines and text glamorous and perfectly legible.

RNS Camelia free title headline typography font typeface

4. Calendas Plus by Atipo Foundry, Free

Give your materials a dash of glamour with Calendas Plus, a gorgeous typeface with a classic typography flavor. In the free download, you can get the regular version, notable for its intricate swash and ornate details. It’ll work perfectly for headlines for the web or in print campaigns.

Calendas Plus free title headline typography font typeface

5. Addington CF Serif Font Family

Addington CF Serif is a font family that’s reliable and graceful. They don’t sacrifice elegance for legibility, so they’re perfect for all kinds of headlines.

Addington CF Serif free title headline typography font typeface

6. Fénix Typeface by Fernando Díaz, Free

A serif typeface rooted in calligraphy and elevated by modern legibility standards, Fenix is perfect for your next project. Bold strokes interact with elegant lines to create a beautiful typeface for headlines. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and other special characters for (mainly) European languages.

fenix free title headline typography font typeface

7. Movavi Grotesque Black Typeface by Sergiy Tkachenko, Free

Strong and powerful, Movavi is looking for brands with a similar aura. This modern grotesque typeface is perfect for shorter headlines, book cover titles, and more. You will get uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and basic and extended Latin and Cyrillic characters. Movavi is the real deal!

 Movavi Grotesque Black free title headline typography font typeface

8. Municipal Typeface by Sean Coady, Free

There’s nothing commonplace about Municipal, a phenomenal, free typeface for bold headlines. Municipal is a strong take on sans-serif typography. It’s an all-caps typeface, and lowercase characters trigger stylistic alternates with shadows. You’ll also get numerals and punctuation!

Municipal Typeface free title headline typography font typeface

9. Marquis Organic Font Duo (+EXTRAS)

Vintage with a modern flair, Marquis is a bold serif and sans-serif font duo. It offers an organic feel because it was hand-made, and each font has four styles (regular, bold, italic, and outline). It’s perfect for headlines, and you’ll get 12 logo templates, too!

 Marquis Organic Font Duo free title headline typography font typeface

10. Lovelo Font by Fontfabric, Free

Perfect for display campaigns, Lovelo is a bold font family with three free fonts, including black, line bold, and line light.

Lovelo free title headline typography font typeface

11. New York Font

Evoke nostalgia in everyone who sees your design with the New York font family. These typefaces offer eight distinct styles characterized by grungy, distressed texture, from New York regular and grunge to New York shadow line and grunge. It’s perfect for your vintage and retro designs!

New York free title headline typography font typeface

12. Promesh Athletic Font by Paul Reis, Free

Create a victorious atmosphere with Promesh Athletic, a display serif font inspired by athletic typography and the mesh texture you would see on LeBron’s jersey.

Promesh Athletic free title headline typography font typeface

13. The Douglas Collections

The Douglas Collection is full of beautiful fonts for your next headline or logo project. You’ll get 12 hand-made fonts with an outdoorsy, vintage vibe, as well as graphic elements and logo templates to help you create something incredible without starting from scratch.

The Douglas Collections free title headline typography font typeface

14. Biko Font Family by Marco Ugolini, Free

Biko is a friendly and outspoken sans-serif. Its bold versions work perfectly for headlines, and lighter versions guarantee readability. Biko is free for personal use, and you will get four versions: light, regular, black, and bold.

Biko free title headline typography font typeface

15. Nexa Font Family by Fontfabric, Free

Simple and futuristic, Nexa is a sans-serif font family that’ll work well for headlines, display campaigns, and even shorter texts. You can download four versions for free: Nexa Bold, Nexa Text Bold, Nexa Light, and Nexa Text Light. It also offers multilingual support (extended Latin and Cyrillic included).

Nexa free title headline typography font typeface

16. Knubi Font by Matt Vergotis, Free

Sleek, lovely, and pristine, Knubi is an excellent choice for your next design. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as special characters, numerals (with fractions), and more if you download Knubi.

Knubi free title headline typography font typeface

17. Palo Alto Font by TypeFaith Fonts, Free

Palo Alto is the personification of the famed Palo Alto, renowned for its tech hubs and innovation. This serif is simple and friendly with its bolder lines, and it offers both uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and everything else you’ll need to create stunning headlines and titles.

 Palo Alto free title headline typography font typeface

18. Maven Pro Font by Lost Type Co-op, Free

Maven Pro expands on the original Maven Pro typeface. You’ll get the three lightest weights you might have been missing, giving you more room for experimentation for your next headline or title. It’s free for personal use.

Maven Pro free title headline typography font typeface

19. Kelson Sans by Fontfabric, Free

Kelson Sans overhauled the original Kelyson font family with a few new twists. This new sans-serif typeface is free to use, and you’ll love the nine distinct styles (bold, light, regular, Bulgarian bold, Bulgarian light, Bulgarian normal, Russian bold, Russian light, and Russian regular). Kelson’s simplicity works wonders!

Kelson Sans free title headline typography font typeface

20. Corporata Font by Advent Font, Free

Strong and versatile, Corporata is a typeface with plenty of options and seven distinct weights. Uppercase characters are bold and perfect for headlines, while the lowercase characters add sleekness to body copy.

Corporata free title headline typography font typeface

21. Myra Font by Fontfabric, Free

Myra is a beautifully decorated sans-serif typeface. Inspired by vintage typography and designed with contemporary trends in mind. Myra’s deco style is perfect for striking headlines, logos, and display campaigns. It’s an all-caps font, but using the lowercase characters gives you character alternates without the curls.

Myra free title headline typography font typeface

22. Mathlete Font by Mattox, Free

Mathlete is a fun font that’s perfect for friendly and approachable brands that want to evoke childhood nostalgia. You’ll get four interesting font versions: skinny, skinny slant, bulky, and bulky slant. You’ll also get matching numerals and punctuation that mimic the signature handwriting flow.

Mathlete free title headline typography font typeface

23. Hammersmith One Font by Sorkin Type Co, Free

A bold sans-serif, Hammersmith is a typeface you can rely on. Its strong lines and exciting twists make it perfect for headlines and titles, but it retains its legibility for longer copy, as well. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation. Hammersmith is the whole package!

Hammersmith One free title headline typography font typeface

24. Fenix Font Family by Fernando Díaz, Free

If you want your brand to radiate elegance, go with Fenix. This typeface is incredibly versatile; it’ll work perfectly for display and print campaigns, as well as website headlines and copy.

fenix free title headline typography font typeface

25. Manteka Font by Edu Araya, Free

Manteka is a free, bold sans-serif typeface. Its all-caps nature makes it perfect for headlines, be that for the web or print, and you’ll also get numerals and punctuation. Manteka works perfectly for brands that want to emulate tech innovation or show everyone how forward-thinking they are.

free title headline typography font typeface

26. Homizio Font Family by Álvaro Thomáz, Free

Homizio is a friendly and versatile sans-serif font family that will work perfectly for both web headlines and print campaigns. You’ll get six styles: thin, light, regular, medium, bold, and black to work with. Some styles also have ligatures to make your designs more unique.

Manteka free title headline typography font typeface

27. Mission Script by Lost Type Co-op, Free

Add more loveliness to your headlines with Mission, a gentle script perfect for blog headlines and designs with a refined feminine aesthetic. The author created it to celebrate brush scripts, and it shows. This wonderful font will work wonders for your next campaign (and it’s completely free)!

Mission Script free title headline typography font typeface

28. Sreda Font by Fontfabric, Free

Sreda is a striking slab-serif font that will make your next design infinitely more interesting. This slab-serif typeface works great for headlines but retains its legibility if you decide to use it for longer copy. And since the recent update, Sreda also supports Cyrillic characters.

Sreda free title headline typography font typeface

29. Edmondsans Font by Lost Type Co-op, Free

Edmondsans is the perfect workhorse typeface that you can use across your project portfolio. A sans-serif with three weights, Edmondsans is easy to integrate into different designs. You’ll also get stylistic alternates, non-lining figures, and beautifully designed lowercase characters. It’s an excellent addition to your kit!

Edmondsans free title headline typography font typeface

30. Intro Font by Fontfabric™, Free

Intro is a modern sans-serif with beautifully quirky strokes that will elevate your headlines and make your designs seem more friendly. In the free version, you’ll get four fonts.

Intro free title headline typography font typeface

31. Verb Font by Yellow Design Studio, Free

Verb is a confident sans-serif that’s perfect for all kinds of projects. Fonts in the family are lively, and you can get two for free: Verb Light and Light Italic. Verb Light also works great for longer paragraphs.

verb free title headline typography font typeface

32. Mission Gothic by Lost Type Co-op, Free

Inspired by the era when letters were hand-painted on wood, Mission Gothic is bold and beautiful. You can use it for headlines, web displays, and more! You will get five weights and two styles; you’ll have plenty of options if you add this free font to your kit.

Mission Gothic free title headline typography font typeface

33. Oranienbaum Font by TypeType Foundry, Free

Modern but inspired by elegant vintage typography, Oranienbaum is fantastic for both headlines and body text. This serif has recognizable strokes and ligatures, making it stand out; it’s perfect for refined brands.

Oranienbaum free title headline typography font typeface

34. Abraham Lincoln Font by Lost Type Co-op, Free

Inspired by the man himself, this font is tall and reliable. This humanistic display typeface carefully incorporates serifs into a condensed, legible format. It’ll stand out in headlines and titles and in other print and web campaigns. The Abraham Lincoln typeface is free for personal use.

Abraham Lincoln free title headline typography font typeface

35. Archive Font by Fontfabric, Free

Archive is the font we all think of when we think of websites and technology. It is a bold sans-serif typeface with strong geometric forms. It’ll stand out in headlines, but you can use it for posters and logos. It’s an all-caps typeface with Cyrillic characters.

Archive free title headline typography font typeface

36. Kreon Font by Julia Petretta, Free

If you’re looking for a funkier serif, take a look at Kreon. This interesting serif typeface is lively and buoyant, which makes it perfect for friendly brands. You’ll get three fonts: light (great for paragraphs and body copy), regular, and bold (great for headlines and titles).

Kreon free title headline typography font typeface

37. Ostrich Sans by The League of Moveable Type, Free

Tall, sleek, and dynamic, Ostrich Sans is unique. You’ll get over 200 glyphs that make this typeface special, as well as a wide variety of weights, including inline effects for stand-out headlines and posters. The black weight grabs attention, while the inline italic version looks fresh and innovative.

Ostrich free title headline typography font typeface

38. Varela Font by Admix Designs, Free

Varela is a simple, single-weight, workhorse sans-serif typeface. Download Varela Sans for free if you want to avoid drawing attention away from your headline and title messaging. This sans-serif has nice curvature, which lends it a friendly feel, but it’s a no-fluff font for no-fluff brands.

Varela free title headline typography font typeface

39. Muchacho Free Font by Jeff Schreiber, Free

With a unique aesthetic that reminds us of the Wild West, Muchacho is here to win over every spectator. This interesting serif typeface integrates vintage typography with modern trends to create a unique (and free) addition to your design kit. You’ll get three weights: regular, bold, and italic.

Muchacho free title headline typography font typeface

40. Novecento Sans Font Family by Synthview, Free

Novecento Sans is a font family that incorporates diverse trends in typography to provide you with unique fonts for headlines and titles. From the wide ultralight version (perfect for elegant designs) to the sturdy wide demibold weight with its Bauhaus aesthetic, Novecento has everything you need to satisfy different tastes.

 Novecento Sans free title headline typography font typeface

41. RBNo2 by Fontfabric, Free

This is the droid (or font) you have been looking for! RBNo2 is a modernized gothic sans-serif font family with strong, straight lines. It’s perfect for contemporary designs and headlines, particularly highly technical industries. The free version comes with RBNo2 Light Light and RBNo2 Light Alternative Light.

RBNo2 free title headline typography font typeface

42. Source Sans Pro by Adobe, Free

Source Sans Pro offers a plethora of fonts for all sorts of projects. They’re all sans-serif fonts, and you’ll have your choice of weights: from the simple extra light for body copy to the ornate, bold italic that will grab everyone’s attention.

Source Sans Pro free title headline typography font typeface

43. Governor Font by Lost Type Co-op, Free

Governor is a unique font inspired by art deco typography and Miami Beach apartment signage. It’s wild, vibrant, and fresh. You’ll get uppercase characters without any numerals or punctuation. This makes Governor perfect for friendly, upbeat logo designs and simpler, shorter headlines.

Governor free title headline typography font typeface

44. Sheep Sans Font by Álvaro Thomáz, Free

Sheep Sans is a friendly, modern sans-serif. It’s a great workhorse font, but it also has the potential to make your headlines more inviting. You’ll get two versions: Sheep Sans Regular and Sheep Sans Bold. In addition to that, Sheep offers special characters, numerals, and punctuation.

Sheep Sans free title headline typography font typeface

45. Infinity Font by Tarin Yuangtrakul, Free

Infinity is a free sans-serif font inspired by the figure 8’s similarity to the infinity symbol. It follows geometric principles to offer perfection in presentation. While Infinity shines when used for headlines, it can also be used for shorter paragraphs.

Infinity free title headline typography font typeface

46. Weston Font by Fontfabric, Free

Weston offers the best of both worlds: vintage typography and futurism. This rounded slab serif is perfect for unique and innovative headlines. You’ll get two free fonts: Weston Light and Weston Regular. Pair it with other fonts for it to truly embody your aesthetic!

Weston free title headline typography font typeface

47. Foglihten F02 by Gluk Fonts, Free

Foglihten is a beautifully designed script with distinct and elegant ligatures that will take you back in time to the era of Victorian penmanship and love letters. If that suits your brand’s desired aesthetic, you can download Foglihten (with its numerous stylistic, glyph, and ligature alternates) for free.

Foglihten F02 free title headline typography font typeface

48. Fanwood Font by The League of Moveable Type, Free

Four hundred seventeen glyphs, numerous options, elegant ligatures… Fanwood is a truly special serif typeface. It’s refined and elegant with four versions: regular, italic, text, and text italic. It’s an excellent font for conveying a glamorous and traditional atmosphere in headlines, as well as longer paragraphs.

Fanwood free title headline typography font typeface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Makes a Font Suitable for Headlines and Titles?
    A good headline or title font should be attention-grabbing and readable. It needs to make a statement and draw readers in while being clear enough to read at a glance.
  • Can I Use These Fonts for Body Text as Well?
    Generally, headline fonts are designed for short, impactful text and may not be suitable for body text due to readability over longer content. It’s best to pair them with more readable fonts for body text.
  • Are These Free Headline Fonts Good Quality?
    Yes, the free fonts above are high quality and created by professional designers and typographers. They offer a range of styles to fit various design needs without compromising on the look.
  • Can These Headline Fonts Be Used in Logo Design?
    Headline fonts can be very effective in logos, offering a strong presence and instant brand recognition.
  • Are Sans-Serif or Serif Fonts Better for Headlines?
    Both can work well. Sans-serif fonts offer a modern, clean look, while serif fonts bring a classic, sophisticated touch. The choice depends on your design’s overall style and message.
  • What Should I Avoid When Choosing a Headline Font?
    Avoid fonts that are too decorative or intricate for quick readability. Also, avoid fonts that don’t align with the tone and character of your content or brand.
  • Can I Use Multiple Fonts for Headlines in the Same Project?
    While possible, it’s best to limit the number of different fonts to maintain consistency. If you use multiple fonts, ensure they complement each other and don’t clash.
  • Are There Trends in Headline Fonts I Should Be Aware Of?
    Yes, font trends can change. Currently, bold and minimalist fonts are popular for headlines. However, choosing a timeless font can be more beneficial for the longevity of your design.
  • How Important is Font Weight in Headlines and Titles?
    Font weight is crucial. A bolder weight generally works better for headlines to grab attention, while lighter weights might be used for subheadings or less prominent titles.
  • Do Headline Fonts Need to Match the Body Font?
    They don’t have to match, but they should complement each other. A contrast between your headline and body font can be effective, but they should still work together harmoniously.
  • How Can Color Affect a Headline Font?
    Color can significantly impact a headline’s visibility and mood. Choose colors that stand out yet align with the overall design palette and the message you want to convey.

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