25+ Free Lightroom LUTs for Stunning Photo Effects


Lightroom Look-Up Tables, or LUTs, are powerful resources for photo editing that can transform your photos into stylish, eye-catching images with minimal effort. Applying Lightroom LUTs to your photos can completely alter their color and tone, giving them a unique and creative look without tedious manual adjustments.

They improve the colors in your photos, fix color imbalances, and add mood or style to your images. Whether you want to achieve a vintage, film, or moody look, Lightroom LUTs make it easy to do so.

Using LUTs is easy, even if you have no photo editing experience. Simply select the LUT you want to use and apply it to your image with a few clicks.

In this collection, you’ll find 25 free Lightroom LUTs that offer a wide range of styles for your photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply enjoy taking pictures for fun, these LUTs will help take your photos to the next level.

Don’t wait – start using these free Lightroom LUTs today and unlock your full creative potential.

Top Free Lightroom LUTs for Photographers

Hiking Lightroom Presets & LUTs

These presets are designed to improve the colors and tones of outdoor photos, making your landscapes and portraits stand out. They are ideal for hiking, camping, and nature photography.

Mountaineer Lightroom LUTs (Free)

If you’re into mountain photography, you’ll love these free LUTs. They work on the appearance of snowy landscapes, rocks, and other natural features in mountain scenes.

Mountaineer Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Bleak Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Add a touch of moodiness to your photos with this LUT pack. Designed to create a desaturated, melancholic look, these presets can transform your photos into something unique.

Bleak Lightroom Presets and LUTs Lightroom LUTs Photography

Lifestyle & Commercial LUTs (Free)

The LUTs in this pack were created for professional commercial photography. You could use them if you’re taking photos for a marketing campaign.

Lifestyle & Commercial Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Free LUTs Landscape (Free)

These LUTs have been designed specifically for outdoor landscapes, allowing you to quickly edit and transform your photos into something extraordinary. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you can quickly achieve the look and feel you want.

Landscape Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Nomad Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Give your photos a touch of wanderlust with this pack of presets and LUTs. Designed to improve the colors and tones of your images, these presets can add a touch of adventure to your photos.

Nomad Lightroom Presets and LUTs Photography

Classic Noir LUTs (Free)

Black and white images have a timeless, classic vibe that’s hard to replicate with color photos. But with this elegant Lightroom Look-Up Table (LUT) pack, you can easily create your own.

Classic Noir Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

LUTS Pack Lightroom Presets

Whether editing portraits, landscapes, or anything in between, with over 150 unique presets and 15 LUTs, you can easily add a touch of style to your images with these presets.

LUTS Pack Lightroom Presets Lightroom LUTs Photography

LUTs Emulation (Free)

If you’re looking for a color-grading LUT that can make any image shine, this one is an excellent choice. Specifically designed to work on photos captured around dawn or dusk, this LUT can give your photos a stunning, warm glow.

Emulation Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Urban Desaturated Lightroom Presets & LUTs

With this pack of Urban Desaturated Lightroom presets and LUTs, you can improve the colors and tones of your city photos. These presets will add a touch of grit and style to your photos.

Urban Desaturated Lightroom Presets and LUTs hotography

Moody Bohemian LUTs (Free)

If you’re looking to add a touch of moodiness or bohemian style to your photos, these free LUTs are a fantastic choice. With their unique, distinctive shades, these LUTs can transform basic pictures into something remarkable.

Moody Bohemian Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Vintage Vibe LUTs (Free)

These LUTs have been designed to give your photos a classic, retro feel. With a range of vintage effects to choose from, you can quickly achieve the aesthetic you want.

Vintage Vibe Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Black & White LUTs (Free)

Here’s another excellent option for black and white photos. Change and edit any image quickly, and with just a few clicks, you can achieve stunning black and white effects that will make your photos stand out.

Black & White Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Classic Ride LUTs (Free)

If you’re a fan of vintage cars and want to make your photos stand out, Classic Ride is the perfect free Lightroom LUT for you. Tailored for vintage car photos, this LUT will bring out every detail and make your wheels look their absolute best. 

Classic Ride Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Sweet Caramel LUTs for Photo & Video (Free)

If you’re looking for free LUTs for outdoor portrait photos, look no further than these. Specifically designed for weddings and other outdoor portrait shots, these LUTs can help you achieve the perfect look and feel.

Sweet Caramel Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Cali Vibes LUTs (Free)

If you’re looking to capture the golden, sun-kissed look of California in your photos, the Cali Vibes Lightroom LUT is an excellent option. With a retro, Californian aesthetic, this LUT can give your images a stunning, warm glow. 

Cali Vibes Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

12 Free LUTs (Free)

If you’re unsure what look to apply to your images, this free LUT pack is a great choice. Spanning an array of aesthetics, this pack includes a dozen LUTs that can help you achieve various effects and styles.

Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Arctic Chill LUTs (Free)

This LUT can help you achieve a modern, sophisticated look with its icy design option. By working on the colors and tones of your photos, this LUT can give your images a cool, icy aesthetic that’s perfect for a wide range of styles and genres.

Arctic Chill Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Moody Aesthetic LUTs (Free)

If you want to add a touch of moodiness to your photos and make them stand out, this Lightroom LUT is an excellent choice. With its moody effects, this LUT can transform run-of-the-mill images into something special. 

Moody Aesthetic Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Nature & Wildlife LUTs (Free)

These free wildlife Lightroom LUTs have been designed to help you style your nature photos. Your landscapes and wildlife shots will look their absolute best, allowing you to showcase your work confidently.

Nature & Wildlife Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Dark Pearl Cinematic LUTs (Free)

Dark pearl effects, like those featured here, can add a dramatic touch to any photo. Whether you want to create a moody atmosphere or simply make your photos stand out, these effects can help you achieve your desired look.

Dark Pearl Cinematic LUTs Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Free LUTs for Photo & Video (Free)

With their versatility and flexibility, these free LUTs work well for images of all kinds. Whether you’re editing portraits, landscapes, or anything in between, these LUTs can help you achieve the perfect effect.

Photo & Video Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Cinematic LUTs (Free)

These free Cinematic Lightroom LUTs have been designed to lend your photos a movie-grade look and feel. If you’re looking to add a touch of movie drama and make your shots stand out, these LUTs are an excellent choice. 

Cinematic Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Day for Night LUT (Free)

The Day for Night Lightroom LUT desaturates daylight hues to transform day into night. It helps you get that dark look without sacrificing any details from your photos.

Day for Night Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Saving Private Ryan LUT (Free)

This free LUT, inspired by the film Saving Private Ryan, has been designed to give your photos a gritty aesthetic. When applied, the LUT flattens and dulls the colors, resulting in a distinctive and stylish effect. 

Saving Private Ryan Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Highlands Cinematic Landscape LUTs (Free)

Perfect for landscapes, these LUTs make the colors appear vibrant and natural. They’re a fantastic option for amplifying the quality of your outdoor photos.

Highlands Cinematic Landscape Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Color Boost LUTs (Free)

The name speaks for itself: these LUTs bring out the best and brightest colors in any photo. They’re flexible enough to work with images of all categories.

Color Boost Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Cinematic LUT Enhancement Collection (Free)

This is another option for cinematic LUTs, perfect if you need to give your photos a dramatic film feel. You have the option to work on any specific color that you need.

Cinematic LUT Enhancement Collection Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

Digital to Film LUTs (Free)

Many photographers want to replicate the unmistakable look of photos shot on film. But you don’t need to shoot on film to achieve this effect. This free Lightroom LUT pack lets you quickly apply a film-like look to your digital photos.

Digital to Film Free Lightroom LUTs Photography

How to Install Lightroom LUTs

It’s important to check that the LUTs you’ve downloaded are compatible with the version of Lightroom that you’re using so that they can be used properly in your photo editing.

  • Once you have downloaded your chosen LUT, extract the files to your preferred location on your computer.
  • Launch Lightroom, and navigate to the Develop module.
  • In the Develop module, click on the + icon at the top of the Presets panel.
  • Select Import Presets from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Navigate to the location on your computer where you saved the LUTs and select them.
  • Once selected, click the Import button to add them to Lightroom.
  • You can now start using the LUTs by selecting them from the Presets panel in the Develop module of Lightroom.

Lightroom LUTs FAQs

  • What are Lightroom LUTs?
    LUTs, or Look-Up Tables, are tools used to apply color grading and adjustments to photos in Lightroom. With just a few clicks, they help create specific moods or styles in your images.
  • How Do I Use LUTs in Lightroom?
    To use LUTs in Lightroom, you can import them into the software and apply them to your photos as presets, instantly changing the color profile of your images.
  • Can Beginners Easily Use LUTs in Lightroom?
    Yes, beginners can use LUTs. They are straightforward and can dramatically improve the look of photos without needing advanced editing skills.
  • Are LUTs in Lightroom Customizable?
    After applying a LUT, you can further customize the look by adjusting various sliders in Lightroom, such as exposure, contrast, and saturation.
  • Can LUTs be Used for Both RAW and JPEG Images?
    LUTs can be used on both RAW and JPEG images, but applying them to RAW images usually yields better results due to the higher quality and data in RAW files.
  • Do LUTs Affect the Quality of Photos?
    LUTs do not degrade the quality of photos. They simply alter the color profile while maintaining the original image quality.
  • How Can I Tell Which LUT is Right for My Photo?
    Choosing the right LUT involves considering the mood and atmosphere you want. Preview different LUTs to see which one best fits your vision.
  • Are Free LUTs as Good as Paid Ones?
    Free LUTs can be just as effective as paid ones. The key is finding the LUT that best suits your style and requirements.
  • Can I Use LUTs for All Types of Photography?
    LUTs are versatile and can be used across various photography types, from portraits to landscapes.
  • What Should I Do If a LUT Doesn’t Look Right on My Photo?
    If a LUT doesn’t look quite right, try adjusting the intensity of the LUT or tweak other settings like exposure, highlights, or shadows to suit your photo better.

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