500+ Free Overlays for Photographers & Video Creators


Adding an overlay to your videos or photos can make a huge difference, whether you’re working on a portrait or a beautiful sunset shot. The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours creating a specific overlay effect from scratch every time you edit a photo or video.

Regardless of your photography or video specialization, a well-designed overlay can do wonders. Our collection of artistic overlays includes a range of options and effects to choose from, so take a look and download your favorites.

With over 500 free photo overlays, you can effortlessly transform your photos into works of art. Whether you’re looking for a vintage, grunge, or abstract effect, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

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The Top Free Photo & Video Overlays

8K Film Grain Texture Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, JPG)

This free pack of texture overlays contains ten grainy textures captured using a Lomography camera on 35mm film. These high-resolution textures are versatile, easy to apply, and perfect for enhancing your projects with a realistic, cinematic look, adding depth to your creative work.

8K Film Grain Texture Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Sunburst Overlays (30 Overlays, JPG)

This overlay pack will give your photos a dynamic new look. With 30 different sunbursts to choose from, the ability to mix and match, as well as the ability to increase the intensity by duplicating layers, this is a perfect resource.

Sunburst Overlays Photography Effects

4K Transparent Shadow Overlays (Free, 100 Overlays, PNG)

These free high-quality, 4K resolution PNG texture overlays are perfect for adding realistic shadows to photos or videos. With diverse patterns like palm leaves, floral designs, and window shapes, they effortlessly blend into your projects.

4K Transparent Shadow Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Magic Photo Overlays (20 Overlays, JPG)

This resource gives you 20 psychedelic photo overlays that will add some spice to all your images. Simply place the overlay over your image, set its mode to screen, and watch it transform your image in just a few clicks.

Magic Photo Overlays Photography Effects

Vintage Photo Texture Overlays (Free, 20 Overlays, JPG)

These free high-resolution JPGs, created with photographs from the 1800s, will add depth and nostalgia to your photo or video projects. They’re perfect for creating a unique, aged look in your visuals. These overlays offer an effortless way to enhance photos with a timeless charm.

 Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Hand Painted Photo Mask Shapes (EPS, PNG & PSD)

This collection offers 30 different hand-painted acrylic photomasks. Each shape mask has been isolated to make it easy to mix and match masks until you find your perfect combination.

Hand Painted Photo Mask Shapes Photography Effects

Retro Overlay Effects (Free, Photoshop PSD)

This free Photoshop PSD overlay adds vintage charm to videos and photos. It’s ideal for anyone looking to blend modern photography with classic aesthetics. This overlay is a must-have for creating visually appealing, timeless designs.

 Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Bokeh & Light Leaks Backgrounds (15 Backgrounds, JPG)

Save time and money trying to create your own Bokeh or light leaks effects. This resource gives you 15 ways to effortlessly blend in light leaks and apply a Bokeh effect. Use it in design, photographs, 3D renders, and as a background.

Bokeh Light Leaks Backgrounds Photography Effects

Dust & Dirt Overlay Textures (Free, 10 Overlays, JPG)

These free high-resolution JPG texture overlays are perfect for creating a vintage or worn-out look. They are versatile and suitable for anyone looking to give their visuals an authentic, rugged enhancement. This set is ideal for adding depth and character to your creative projects.

Dust Dirt Overlay Textures Photography Film Movie Effects

Vintage Effect Resources (JPG & PSD)

Save time and energy trying to recreate a vintage look by applying any of these 30 different overlays. Easily create black and whites or vintage paper and book textures to use on any photo.

Vintage Effect Resources Photography Effects

4K Film Grain Textures (Free, 32 Overlays, JPG)

These 4K overlays are ideal for creating a gritty film-like atmosphere, bringing an authentic grainy effect to your visuals. They’re perfect for adding a touch of classic film aesthetics to photos and videos.

4K Film Grain Textures Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Dirty Scanner Texture Overlays (Free, 30 Overlays, JPG)

This free collection of texture overlays includes 30 high-quality JPG files that add a unique, edgy look and feel. They’re perfect for anyone looking to give their work a vintage, rough-around-the-edges feel.

Dirty Scanner Texture Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Smoke Background Overlays (Free, 15 Overlays, JPG)

These free smoke overlays add a misty, atmospheric effect to photos and videos, creating a sense of depth and intrigue. They’re perfect for enhancing a wide range of creative projects, from dramatic photoshoots to moody video scenes, adding a layer of mystery and sophistication to your work.

Smoke Background Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Film Texture Frame Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, PNG)

These free PNG overlays add a film-like texture to your videos and photos. With a resolution of 100 dpi, they are perfect for various graphic projects like banners, mockups, and packaging. This pack is an easy-to-use and effective way to bring a cinematic feel to your visuals.

Film Texture Frame Overlays Photography Film Movie Effects

Graffiti Overlay Effect (Free, Photoshop PSD)

This free Photoshop PSD template will transform standard photos into striking graffiti-style art, mirroring the dynamic energy of street culture. Its user-friendly Smart Object functionality makes it effortless to apply, making it a go-to for impactful, eye-catching visuals that capture the spirit of the streets.

Graffiti Overlay Effect Photography Film Movie Effects

Light Overlays (Free, 120 Overlays, PNG)

This resource pack has 120 different drag and drop light elements that will give all your images a custom feel. This resource includes a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the ins and outs of creating memorable pictures with these overlays.

Light Overlays Photography Effects

Bokeh Photo Overlays (Free, 7 Overlays, PSD)

The Bokeh effect can add a dramatic flair to any photo. Just add your image to the editor and apply the overlays to get the desired effect you want. You can easily hide or show the bokeh layers until you have the perfect bokeh mix.

Bokeh Photo Overlays Photography Effects

Scratch Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, PNG)

Use this collection of scratch overlays to spice up your photos with ease. By using this collection as an addition to any other collection, you will be making photo magic.

Scratch Overlays Photography Effects

Flare & Haze Texture Overlays (Free, 6 Overlays, JPG)

This flare and haze overlay pack is perfect for your next photographic business card design. This mockup is easy to use and comes with smart objects, so you can just drag and drop your image in.

Flare Haze Texture Overlays Photography Effects

Golden Glitter Overlay (Free, PSD)

Add a little gold to your next photo with this overlay set. This effect is perfect for your portraits and landscapes shot outside with rich natural light. This collection is also compatible with light leaks, which creates a perfect feel for the photos.

Golden Glitter Overlay Photography Effects

Vintage Photoshop Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, PNG)

The easiest way to give your photos a realistic aged feel is to apply this vintage overlay. This pack comes with ten different ways to delicately and lovingly age your precious photos.

Vintage Photoshop Overlays Photography Effects

Rain Effect Overlays (Free, 20 Overlays, JPG)

Getting caught in the rain is not always fun and romantic, but adding rain to spice up your fun and romantic photos can be. This pack includes 20 different ways to add rain to any of your photos.

Rain Effect Overlays Photography Effects

Distressed Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, JPG)

Adding a distressed look to your photos can enhance the overall look and quality by giving it a robust retro feel. The pack includes ten easy-to-use overlays that can be mixed and matched to get your desired result.

Distressed Overlays Photography Effects

Grunge Paint Texture Overlays (Free, 5 Overlays, JPG)

This overlay pack has five ways to instantly add a grunge painting feel to any of your photographs. Simply place the desired overlay over your image and then blend it until you have found your perfect look.

Grunge Paint Texture Overlays Photography Effects

Fog Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, JPG)

Applying a gentle fog to any of your images has never been easier than using any of these ten overlays. Effortlessly enhance the natural fog or simply add it where there wasn’t any. Find your perfect balance and produce high-quality images.

Fog Overlays Photography Effects

Various Grunge Paper Overlays (Free, 12 Overlays, JPG)

This assortment of grunge papers will be perfect for your next background. With 12 variations to choose from, all are set to a 1000×1000 size at 200 dpi. These will enhance any of your text projects.

Various Grunge Paper Overlays Photography Effects

Smoke Overlays (Free, 50 Overlays, PNG)

With this resource, you will be able to add smoke to any of your dark and moody photographs, giving them an air of mystery. With ten different variations to choose from, it will be easy to customize each effect until you have found your perfect combination.

Smoke Overlays Photography Effects

Sky Overlays

Getting the perfect outdoor image can be quite hard when everything is right, except for the sky. Choose from any of the sky overlays in this pack to give your photos a new meaning and life with just a few clicks.

Sky Overlays Photography Effects

Sunset Sky Overlays

Get the perfect sunset look for your outdoor photos with this sunset sky overlay pack. Enhance any of your photos by applying these overlays to give your photos a breath of fresh air.

Sunset Sky Overlays Photography Effects

Lightning Overlays (Free, 10 Overlays, JPG)

Catching an actual lightning strike can be an almost impossible task, but with this overlay pack, you don’t have to wait for the next storm. Simply choose from these ten different overlays and apply them to your image to give them a striking new look.

Lightning Overlays Photography Effects

What Are Photo & Video Overlays?

Overlays, also known as masks, are a creative layer you can add to your video or photos to alter their appearance or add an effect. They come in various forms, from subtle textures to eye-catching elements like light leaks, raindrops, or even animated effects. They’re designed to enhance the mood, style, or story you want to convey in your visuals.

How Do Photo & Video Overlays Work?

Using overlays is simple. You simply superimpose them onto your photos or videos using editing software or apps, and you can then instantly add an extra dimension to your visuals. The overlays can be edited in terms of opacity, size, and placement, giving you full control over the final appearance.

Why Use Photo and Video Overlays?

  1. Boost Creativity: Overlays can be a game-changer when expressing your creativity. Whether you want to add a vintage touch, a dreamy atmosphere, or a touch of whimsy, overlays will do the job for you.
  2. Engage Your Audience: Adding overlays to your visuals can help capture your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.
  3. Save Time & Money: Many talented designers and content creators offer free overlays (see above) for personal and commercial use. This means you can access high-quality resources without breaking the bank.
  4. Tell Your Story: Overlays can be used to convey emotions or tell a story. For instance, adding raindrops can create a melancholic mood, while glitter overlays can add a touch of magic.


When creating stunning visuals for your creative projects, whether for social media, presentations, YouTube, or any personal content, you don’t have to break the bank to take your work to the next level.

Photo and video overlays are an easy-to-use resource for enhancing your visuals. With a bit of creativity and the right overlay, you can take your projects to new heights, capturing your audience’s attention and telling your story with flair.

They are a simple yet powerful resource that can quickly transform the quality of your video and photos into something truly compelling. Start exploring the world of overlays today, and watch your visuals come to life!

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