10+ Best Free Portfolio & Lookbook Templates for InDesign


Are you thinking about or wanting to create a portfolio of your best work? Or, perhaps you want to compile a fashion lookbook? If either of these scenarios describes your situation, read on.

This collection of free InDesign portfolio and lookbook templates will appeal to a broad audience and offer a convenient way to present your latest fashion shots or portfolio work.

While these templates can be used outside the photography, fashion, or beauty industries, some design elements will appeal specifically to those niches. These professionally designed InDesign templates are an excellent asset for those looking for a quick way to create a portfolio or lookbook without having to create them from scratch.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into this collection of portfolio and lookbook templates for InDesign!

If you’re new to Adobe InDesign, you might like to take a look at our collections of tutorials to help you get started.

Top Portfolio & Lookbook InDesign Templates

Free Indesign Lookbook Template

This free InDesign lookbook template offers a simple layout that will allow your fashion or photography work to shine. It comes with 26 layouts, perfect for creating a spread that aligns with your brand and mission statement.

It supports A4 and US letter sizes and could easily be edited for use in brochures, magazines, company reports, etc. However, the layouts offer a fashion feel, so keep that in mind when downloading the package.

Free Indesign Lookbook Template

Photography Portfolio InDesign Template

This InDesign template is clean and simple in its presentation, yet an absolute stunner. It supports two-page spread layouts for more significant fashion moments and can easily be adapted to suit interior design or architectural fields.

This print-ready, fully layered template is easy to customize thanks to its grid-aligned layout. Your edits will not affect the overall aesthetic.

Photography Portfolio InDesign Template

Modern Design Lookbook Template

This lookbook template is another solid choice for those looking for a simple way to present their designs or portfolio pieces. What stands out here is the bold background color choices and how they complement the photography on each page.

This template has 13 completely editable pages, is print-ready, and is sized for A4 paper.

Modern Design Lookbook Template

Stylish Architecture Portfolio Template

The architectural portfolio template has clean lines and a simple layout. It completely embraces minimalism, favoring full-page photo spreads, solid-color backgrounds, and centered text boxes over columns of text or a more magazine-style design.

This template is print-ready, and the included color schemes and layouts will make for a stunning end product.

Stylish Architecture Portfolio Template

Portfolio/Lookbook InDesign Template

What a beauty this portfolio template is! It can be used for various projects that require a lookbook or portfolio. It is very easy to make your own thanks to its grid-based layout and included vector graphics.

This template is customizable in A4 and US Letter sizes, and consists of 24 pages of layout options and free fonts. Vertical typography choices and subdued photographic backgrounds make a real impression.

Portfolio Lookbook InDesign Template

Stunning Portfolio Template for InDesign

This stunning portfolio InDesign template is perfect for sharing design work, photography, or fashion. It could even be used for architectural spreads.

It includes various page layouts and a front and back cover, making it the complete package. It’s print-ready in US Letter size and includes beautiful typography and color schemes, making it perfect as the backdrop of your latest portfolio masterpieces.

Stunning Portfolio Template for InDesign

Clean & Minimal Portfolio InDesign Template

This clean and minimally designed portfolio template has a business or corporate feel but could easily be adapted for fashion, graphic design, or photography use.

This InDesign template includes 24 page layouts that you can easily customize with your content. It uses free fonts, and all text, images, and colors are editable, so you can quickly create your desired aesthetic.

Minimal Portfolio InDesign Template

Wonder Tour Photobook Template for InDesign

As its name suggests, the Wonder Tour Photobook template is perfect for professional photographers. It would benefit photojournalists looking to advance their careers, architects wishing to highlight their latest work, and even fashionistas who want to share their latest designs.

Wonder Tour Photobook Template for InDesign

Portfolio & Resume InDesign Template

This portfolio and resume InDesign template includes 32 page layouts, and thanks to the organized layers, it is easy to customize. The custom paragraph and character styles make it easy to create the aesthetic you are looking for.

This template includes a help file that walks you through how to change images, text, and swatches. This multi-purpose file can be adapted for use in various creative niches and business types.

Portfolio Resume InDesign Template

Designer Portfolio InDesign Template

This portfolio InDesign template is the perfect choice for a graphic or web designer looking to highlight some of their best work to potential clients. The 8 sample pages offer plenty of layouts for displaying logos, web designs, graphics, and other examples of your work.

Designer Portfolio InDesign Template

Interactive Portfolio & Resume Template

This free portfolio and resume template has a three-page layout and two color schemes. It offers just enough editability to ensure you can get the look you want without committing a lot of time to the design.

It would be ideally used for a graphic or web designer’s portfolio since it has a dedicated page where you can input links to websites you’ve worked on recently.

Interactive Portfolio Resume Template

Portfolio & Lookbook Template FAQs

  • What are Portfolio and Lookbook Templates?
    They are pre-designed templates for Adobe InDesign for creating portfolios and lookbooks. They offer a range of layouts and styles to showcase work or products.
  • Why Use InDesign for Creating Portfolios and Lookbooks?
    InDesign is ideal for these types of projects due to its powerful layout and design capabilities, ensuring professional and visually appealing results.
  • Can Beginners Use These Templates?
    Yes, these templates are user-friendly. Beginners can easily customize them.
  • Do I Need a Specific Version of InDesign to Use These Templates?
    Most templates mention the version of InDesign they are compatible with. It’s best to use a version that matches or is newer than the template’s requirements.
  • How Do Templates Simplify the Design Process?
    Templates provide a ready-made structure and design elements, saving you time and effort in layout creation and allowing you to focus more on content.
  • Can These Templates Be Used for Both Digital and Print Portfolios?
    Yes, InDesign templates can be adapted for both digital viewing and high-quality printing, depending on your needs.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Template for My Work?
    Consider the nature of your work, the amount of content you have, and the style that best represents your projects when selecting a template.


Before you put everything together for your portfolio or lookbook, and especially before you spend money on a template, take a look at this collection of free Adobe InDesign templates.

Not only are they great for your budget, but they also feature beautiful designs and layout options that make it easier than ever to create a portfolio or lookbook in just a couple of hours — rather than a few days.

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