25 Free Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Templates


As Tailwind CSS offers greater control over the design of admin dashboards this makes it the preferred choice for web developers who would rather focus on development than on aesthetics. Its utility-first approach aligns well with the need for rapid, responsive, and customizable dashboard design.

Tailwind CSS templates will save you a significant amount of development time. They come pre-designed and include a variety of layout options and components, which means you can set up your admin panel quickly without starting from scratch.

Tailwind CSS is also known for its adaptability. With its utility-first approach, you can adjust the design directly in the HTML, giving you precise control over the appearance of your admin dashboard. This makes it easier to align the dashboard’s design with your application’s overall aesthetic.

The responsiveness built into Tailwind CSS ensures that your admin dashboard will look good on any device. This is critical in today’s diverse device landscape, where you can expect users to access the panel from various devices.

Using Tailwind CSS templates also encourages consistency in design. By starting with a template, you’re adopting a set of design patterns and components that work well together, ensuring a cohesive look and feel across your admin dashboard.

The free Tailwind CSS dashboard templates we have for you here all offer a fast, flexible, and consistent solution for building the admin areas of your applications. If you want to streamline your workflow, these are the free web templates for you!

Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Templates

These free Tailwind CSS dashboard templates offer various page templates and pre-designed components, like buttons, forms, navigation bars, charts, and tables, which can be easily customized to fit your project’s needs.

Flowbite Admin Dashboard (Free)

This open-source template combines Tailwind CSS with Flowbite, giving you a beautifully designed dashboard with a range of interactive components for creating dynamic UIs that are both functional and appealing.

Flowbite Admin Dashboard Tailwind CSS

TailDash Tailwind CSS Admin Template

TailDash is a professionally designed UI kit for creating modern admin dashboards. It includes over 300 widgets and components, and over 50 pre-designed page templates to help kickstart your next project development.

TailDash Admin Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind Admin Template (Free)

Built with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js, this open-source template is perfect for developers looking for a simple yet effective dashboard design. It offers basic UI components and layout options for quick setups and custom projects.

Admin Template Tailwind CSS

Mosaic Lite Dashboard (Free)

Mosiac Lite is an open-source dashboard template with a clean, user-friendly design. It is ideal for projects that require a minimalistic yet fully functional admin dashboard. It includes various types of pre-designed charts.

Mosaic Lite Dashboard Tailwind CSS

Minia Tailwind CSS Dashboard Template

Minia delivers a sophisticated dashboard experience with its clean design and light and dark color scheme options. Packed with charts, widgets, and ready-to-use pages, this template is suited for analytics-heavy applications.

Minia Tailwind CSS Dashboard Template Tailwind CSS

Cleopatra Dashboard Template (Free)

Cleopatra is a simple dashboard Tailwind template with a clean design. It comes with two dashboard templates – analytics and eCommerce – and a basic toolkit for quickly building admin interfaces.

Cleopatra Dashboard Template Tailwind CSS

Material Tailwind Dashboard (Free)

This template merges the Material Design aesthetic with Tailwind CSS in a React environment, offering a robust set of over forty components for creating interactive and user-friendly admin pages.

Material Tailwind Dashboard Tailwind CSS

Admin Dashboard Tailwind CSS Template

This template stands out with its elegant design and functionality. It’s perfect for developers looking for a sophisticated style combined with easy-to-use components. It includes both light and dark versions.

Admin Dashboard Tailwind CSS

Vue Tailwind Admin (Free)

This open-source template combines Vue.js with Tailwind CSS to give you a simple, lightweight, and customizable platform for creating dashboards. It’s ideal for developers who prefer Vue.js for building dynamic and fast-loading admin interfaces.

Vue Tailwind Admin Tailwind CSS

Tailwind Dashboard Template (Free)

This open-source template offers a simple foundation for dashboard development, providing only the most essential UI components and basic layout options for getting you up and running quickly.

Tailwind Dashboard Template CSS

Soft UI Dashboard Tailwind (Free)

This free template features a modern, soft UI design aesthetic. It’s packed with beautifully designed components and layouts, making it an excellent choice for creating modern admin panels. It comes with over seventy frontend components and elements.

Soft UI Dashboard Tailwind CSS

Notus React Admin Template (Free)

Notus is a free React-based template that combines Tailwind CSS with a set of beautifully designed components. It’s perfect for building fast, reactive admin panels or web applications.

Notus React Admin Template Tailwind CSS

V-Dashboard Tailwind CSS (Free)

The free Tailwind CSS template V-Dashboard offers a clean and modern design for building simple admin dashboards. Features include customizable components, intuitive layout options, and light and dark modes.

V-Dashboard Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS

Windmill Admin Dashboard (Free)

The open-source Windmill offers a clean design with a basic set of UI components. It is ideal for quickly building responsive admin panels and web applications. It also includes both light and dark versions.

Windmill Admin Dashboard Tailwind CSS

TailAdmin Dashboard Template (Free)

This minimalist TailAdmin template provides the essentials for quick and easy dashboard development. It includes over 30 UI components and over 50 UI elements.

TailAdmin Dashboard Template Tailwind CSS

Githr Dashboard React Ui (Free)

This free React dashboard template has been built using Next.js and Tailwind CSS. It has a beautifully clean design and layout and includes a main dashboard template and page layouts for teams and integrations.

Dashboard React Ui Tailwind CSS

Admin One React Tailwind (Free)

Built with TypeScript, React, and Next.js and styled with Tailwind, Admin One is the complete package. This free dashboard includes everything you need to build and design a powerful dashboard.

Admin One React Tailwind CSS

Modernize Tailwind Admin (Free)

Modernize offers a contemporary design packed with advanced features and components. It has been built for developers looking for a modern, efficient, and free solution for their admin and dashboard interfaces. A pro version is also available.

Modernize Admin Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Starter Templates

Unlike the fully-featured dashboard templates above, these barebones templates offer only basic layouts and few components. They serve as foundational building blocks for web development projects.

Tailwind Starter Admin Template (Free)

This simple Tailwind CSS admin template offers basic functionality and a minimalist design for quick projects.

Starter Admin Template Tailwind CSS

Shadcn Tailwind Dashboard (Free)

This dashboard combines Next.js with Tailwind CSS for a minimal admin dashboard design. Its focus is on efficiency and ease of use.

Shadcn Simple Tailwind Dashboard Tailwind CSS

Minimal Starter Admin Template (Free)

This template’s barebones structure makes it perfect for starting small projects or as a foundation for more complex designs.

Minimal Starter Admin Template Tailwind CSS

Kamona-WD Dashboard Template (Free)

A basic starter layout for dashboards. This free template mixes simplicity with Tailwind CSS’s customization capabilities for a clean UI.

Kamona-WD Sarter Dashboard Template Tailwind CSS

Next13 Dashboard Template (Free)

A simple and clean Next.js and Tailwind CSS template for quickly building a barebones admin dashboard.

Next13 Horizon Dashboard Template Tailwind CSS

Nextui Dashboard (Free)

This starter template integrates Next.js and NextUI with Tailwind CSS for a basic, minimalist dashboard layout.

Nextui Dashboard Tailwind CSS

Admin Starter Template Night (Free)

This barebones template offers a dark mode design, keeping the interface simple but visually appealing for night-time or low-light environments.

Admin Starter Template Night Tailwind CSS

Admin Starter Template Day (Free)

The day-mode counterpart to the night template, offering a light and simple design for admin dashboards with all basic functionalities.

Admin Starter Template Day Tailwind CSS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can Tailwind CSS be used for any web project?
    Yes, Tailwind CSS works well for all kinds of web projects, including admin dashboards. It’s designed to handle projects of any size.
  • Why choose Tailwind CSS for admin dashboards?
    It is great for dashboard design because it offers easy customization and ensures your project looks good on any device.
  • Do I need to be an expert to use these templates?
    No, you don’t need to be an expert to use these templates. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is helpful. Tailwind CSS templates are beginner-friendly, with plenty of resources available for learning.
  • Are these templates customizable?
    These Tailwind CSS templates all offer high levels of customization. You can quickly tweak the design to fit your specific needs.
  • Can Tailwind CSS work with other frameworks?
    Tailwind CSS can be integrated with various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, making it versatile for different development environments.

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