8 Best Free Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress


When you run a WordPress website, you will inevitably have to perform essential maintenance that may result in temporary downtime. This could be testing new plugins, theme changes or updates, or major server issues.

Many developers create offline sandboxes for testing, but once you push the updates to your live site, it’s good practice to take the site offline for a brief moment. This is also true with new domains where your site isn’t quite ready to launch, but you want to have something online – a coming soon page – to show potential users, visitors, or buyers.

The best solution is a good and reliable maintenance or a plugin coming soon. Thankfully, WordPress has many of them freely available. We’ve curated the eight best choices here, with each having a different focus and set of resources for site admins to choose from.

The Top Coming Soon WordPress Plugins

Maintenance Mode by Lukas Juhas

I’ve used the Maintenance Mode plugin countless times and with great success. It’s probably the oldest plugin in this collection, but it is regularly updated and comes with many useful functions, so it merits its place here.

If you are looking for something simple and easy to work with, start with Maintenance Mode. It’s got years of experience behind it, so you know it’ll work right out of the box.

Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

WP Maintenance by Florent Maillefaud

Another coming soon alternative is the WP Maintenance plugin. It comes with a great range of features, like a custom logo upload, extra languages, a countdown timer, and a shortcode area for adding an email opt-in field or contact form.

When you are updating your site, you may be doing so for only a few moments, but at other times, you may be resolving time-consuming server issues. Or you might not even have a site online yet, and you want to have a “stay tuned” message. WP Maintenance can handle all of these situations with just one simple plugin.

WP Maintenance WordPress Plugin

Coming Soon Page By SeedProd

For a more focused resource, you might like to take a look at the Coming Soon Page plugin created by SeedProd. The plugin is pretty standard, with a typical “check back soon” message and an opt-in field for gathering email addresses. The page is fully responsive and built with CSS transitions to create a nice fading animation.

You can edit the template code manually, but you’ll need to know your way around HTML. The whole thing is easy to set up with a few clicks, and it supports most languages, multi-site setups, and WordPress add-ons like BuddyPress.

Coming Soon Page WordPress Plugin

Coming Soon by Supsystic by Supsystic

If you’re looking for even more features, then take a look at the Coming Soon plugin built by Supsystic. It comes with a fantastic drag-and-drop system, so you can rearrange the page to fit your needs very easily.

Other features include countdown timers, auto-embed videos, social sharing buttons, custom logos and backgrounds, and will also directly connect to most email service providers, like MailChimp and Aweber.

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by WebFactory Ltd

This plugin combines a “sorry we’re closed” message alongside an “opening soon” message. It’s called Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode and has been created by the team at WebFactory.

If you have multiple authors on your site, you can set permissions for who sees the initial maintenance page before going live, allowing you to define who has access to the site when it is being worked on, all at the click of a button.

Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

Under Construction by WebFactory Ltd

The Under Construction plugin is an excellent choice if you need to make regular theme edits, restore database entries, or test new features.

The default templates are surprisingly nice, so you might start with them if you don’t want to (or know how to) restyle a page on your own.

Under Construction WordPress Plugin

Maintenance by WebFactory Ltd

Simplicity is at the core of this plugin, and it’s the best choice for web admins who want to set it and forget it. Maintenance is completely free and comes with all the features you need.

You won’t find a congested admin panel or many features to dig through. They’re all pretty simple, like changing the background, logo, or header text on the page. Anyone can use this plugin, and it would be perfect for non-technical site owners.

Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

CMP promises plenty of “premium” features for a great price (free). Out of the box, it comes bundled with three themes and offers more than 20 additional themes via download.

There’s also plenty of room for customization. Add your logo, choose your favorite Google Fonts, and add photos via Unsplash. The included mailing list subscription form will save entries locally or tie in with Mailchimp.

CMP – Coming Soon Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

Coming Soon WordPress Plugin FAQs

  • What Are Maintenance & Coming Soon WordPress Plugins for?
    These plugins allow you to create maintenance or coming soon pages for your WordPress site. They’re used when your site is under construction, undergoing updates, or not yet ready to go live.
  • Who Should Use These Maintenance and Coming Soon Plugins?
    Website owners who are developing a new site, updating their existing site, or need to temporarily shut down their site for maintenance will find these plugins particularly useful.
  • Why Is It Important to Use a Maintenance or Coming Soon Plugin?
    Using these plugins helps to inform your visitors about the status of your site and keeps them engaged with a professional, informative page instead of leaving them with an error message.
  • How Do These Plugins Enhance the Visitor Experience?
    They provide clear communication to visitors about the site’s status and can include features like countdown timers, contact forms, and social media links to help keep visitors informed and connected.
  • Can I Customize the Look of My Maintenance or Coming Soon Page?
    Yes, most of these plugins offer customization options, allowing you to match the maintenance page with your brand’s style and message.
  • Do Maintenance Plugins Affect My Site’s SEO?
    Well-designed maintenance plugins should not negatively affect your SEO. They typically send the correct HTTP status codes to search engines to show that your site is temporarily down for maintenance.
  • Are Maintenance and Coming Soon Plugins Easy to Set Up?
    Most are user-friendly and can be set up with just a few clicks. They often come with pre-designed templates and simple configuration options.

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