25 Beautiful Examples of Infrared Photography


As a photographer, you want to wow your audience. Your ultimate goal is to have people stop in their tracks and stare at your shot in awe. To feel it, regardless of genre or topic matters. One way to do this is to show people the things they can not usually see.

As it falls outside the visible light spectrum for humans, infrared photography is the art of showing the unseen. This means you will need special equipment beyond your standard camera to capture these breathtaking images.

If you are starting out, using an infrared filter will allow you to prevent visible light from hitting your camera’s sensor while allowing the infrared light to hit it. Alternatively, you can convert a DSLR camera by removing the infrared filter on the front of your camera’s sensor. This is more expensive, making it impossible for that camera to take normal pictures again.

You will have to consult your camera’s manual to properly set your white balance, whether you use a filter or had your camera converted. You will also have to pay extra attention to your exposure.

Keep in mind that infrared photography is better geared toward landscapes than people. The advantage to this is that infrared photography removes the need to wait for the blue and golden hours and works well even with overcast skies and stormy weather.

In this gallery, we showcase some stunning examples of infrared photography. We hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to explore this style of photography on your own.

What is Infrared Photography?

Infrared photography captures images using infrared light instead of visible light. This technique produces unique photographs because it records light that is invisible to the naked eye.

The results often feature surreal landscapes with white foliage and dark skies, offering a different perspective on familiar scenes. Infrared photography requires special equipment, such as infrared filters or cameras modified to detect infrared light.

This method is popular among photographers looking to explore the unseen beauty of our surroundings.

Gallery of Infrared Photography

Pink Tree by Michael Laukeninks

infrared photography Pink Tree inspiration

Horses Dreams Infrared by Michael Laukeninks

shot infrared Horses Dreams Infrared inspiration

Infrared Landscape by Blackdaddy

infrared photography Infrared Landscape inspiration

Morning Work by Musin Yohan

shot infrared Morning Work inspiration

Lonely by Azri Suratmin

infrared photography Lonely inspiration

Friends by Lomoholicz Photography

shot infrared Friends inspiration

Run Away with Me by Zifeng Zhao

infrared photography Run Away with Me inspiration

Sakura & Old Path by Mohd Zaki Shamsudin

shot infrared Sakura & Old Path inspiration

Torito at Pine Beach by RTsan

shot infrared Torito at Pine Beach inspiration

Fotografia by Rafael Taveras Garcia

photography Fotografia inspiration

Infrared Reflections by Lomoholicz Photography

shot infrared Infrared Reflections inspiration

Summer Time at Upton by Dave Dupéré

infrared photography Summer Time at Upton inspiration

Catholic University by Zach Stern

shot infrared Catholic University inspiration

Summer or Winter by Lister Fil

infrared photography Summer or Winter inspiration

Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs by David

infrared photography Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs inspiration

Chinese Gardens by shin-ex

shot infrared Chinese Gardens inspiration

Lindo Lake Infrared by Bill Gracey

infrared photography Lindo Lake Infrared inspiration

Moulin de la Roche by Roland.r

infrared photography Moulin de la Roche inspiration

Tropical Garden Infrared by Michael Laukeninks

infrared photography Tropical Garden Infrared inspiration

U.S. Capitol by M. T. Harmon

shot infrared U.S. Capitol inspiration

The Painted Desert Infrared by Michael Pancier

infrared photography The Painted Desert Infrared inspiration

By the Sea by Aelita Intl

shot infrared By the Sea inspiration

Open Gates by Enkphoto

shot infrared Open Gates inspiration

A Better Day by Jeremy Chin

photography A Better Day inspiration

Tiger in Infrared by Amoa Photography

photography Tiger in Infrared inspiration

Infrared Photography Presets & Actions

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Infrared Tutorials & Guides

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