20+ Best Project Proposal Templates for InDesign


Bringing a new business idea to life requires a great deal of planning and preparation. One of the first and most crucial steps is to create a persuasive business or project proposal. However, creating a proposal from scratch can be time-consuming, especially for those new to entrepreneurship. That’s where proposal templates come in.

These business proposal templates for InDesign (both free and premium) have been designed to simplify the proposal creation process. With a wide range of options, you will find the perfect template to suit your specific needs. Whether starting a new venture, looking for investors, or pitching a project to potential clients, these templates offer a professional foundation for your proposal.

With their user-friendly layouts and customizable designs, these INDD templates offer the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. Using a template can save you significant time and energy, allowing you to focus on refining and perfecting your proposal’s content.

Don’t let the prospect of proposal creation hold you back – use these InDesign templates to bring your business idea to life.

If you’re new to the application, you might like to take a look at our collections of InDesign tutorials.

Top Business & Project Proposal InDesign Templates

Minimalist Proposal Template for InDesign

The first proposal template in this collection features a modern and fresh design. The template includes 14 Indesign templates, including a cover letter and resume, proposals, estimates, and invoice templates.

 proposal print business template format

Business Proposal InDesign Template (Free)

This business proposal template is fairly simple, but don’t let that put you off. Its simplicity is its strength. This 20 page template makes it easy to present your proposal logically without too much clutter and overwhelming the reader.

Business Proposal InDesign Template

Proposal Template

This proposal template features a minimalist design and includes 20 different layout files. The files have been designed in A4 and US letter sizes, and they are easy to tweak and customize to reflect your brand.

 proposal print business template format

Business Proposal Presentation Template (Free)

This free business presentation template is ideal for construction and renovation businesses. It has a 20-page layout that offers ample space for detailing your business plan. It includes free fonts and is print-ready in U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

Business Proposal Presentation Template

Brand Proposal InDesign Template

This minimal proposal template includes over 40 layered pages, perfect for designing any type of proposal. The template comes with defined character and paragraph styles, and you can easily change the colors and other styles by editing master files.

 proposal print business template format

Floret Business Proposal Template (Free)

This template lives up to its name. ‘Floret’ features beautiful floral elements and offers a robust 44-page layout worthy of the most complex company proposals.

Floret Business Proposal Template

Overlay Proposal InDesign Template

This colorful proposal template has everything you need to design a beautiful proposal for your next project. The template includes 28 pages, as well as unique character and paragraph styles.

 proposal print business template format

Olive Free Presentation IndDesign Template (Free)

What a breath of fresh air this template is! ‘Olive offers a stunning layout with plenty of whitespace to ensure your proposal content stands out. Thanks to well-organized layers, this InDesign template is super easy to customize.

Olive Free Presentation IndDesign Template

Quote & Presentation Templates for InDesign (Free)

Sometimes, all you need is something super simple to get the point across. The Quote and Presentation Template is perfect for giving an estimate on a project or presenting a new business idea in a streamlined, no-fuss way.

Quote Presentation Templates for InDesign

Universal InDesign Project Proposal Template

Consider this project proposal if you need a template that you can reuse for multiple projects. With a multipurpose design and style, this template is a perfect choice. It also includes various infographics, editable shapes, two project timeline options, and is compatible with MS Word.

 proposal print business template format

Clean & Professional InDesign Proposal Template (Free)

This proposal template is super clean and stylish, reminiscent of numerous minimal designs while still maintaining a sense of originality. This template comes with a 24-page print-ready layout in both A4 and U.S. Letter sizes.

Professional InDesign Proposal Template

Clean Web Proposal Project InDesign Template

Try this clean web proposal project template if you’re looking for one to help you create a professional proposal for a web design project. This templating features a minimal style and comes with 28 pre-designed pages that include everything from proposals to estimates and invoicing.

 proposal print business template format

Stylish Business Proposal InDesign Template (Free)

This stylish business proposal template has been designed with creatives in mind. It offers a bold geometric design, large color blocks, and bold typography. Due to its modern design aesthetic, this template is perfect for use by colleges and universities.

Stylish Business Proposal InDesign Template

Rigel Clean & Stylish InDesign Proposal Template

This stylish InDesign proposal template includes 34 pages and comes in A4 and us letter sizes, and you can easily customize the colors and the fonts to match your brand.

 proposal print business template format

Advertising Proposal InDesign Template (Free)

Use it for a business proposal or as a website media kit. Either way, the InDesign Proposal Template includes eight eye-catching layouts, perfect for filling in with company info, custom graphics, graphics, statistics, and more.

Advertising Proposal InDesign Template

Creative Multipurpose InDesign Proposal Template

The proposal template has a fresh and modern design with 24 pages. The template was designed in A4 and US letter sizes. It features a grid-based layout to help you align your elements and create a stunning proposal.

 proposal print business template format

Web Design Proposal Template for InDesign

This colorful and modern web design proposal template is perfect for any web design project. The template comes with 28 easy-to-edit pages and master pages.

 proposal print business template format

Proposal & Portfolio InDesign Template

Try this one if you need an InDesign proposal and portfolio template to present your project. This template’s standout feature is that it also comes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Word formats, so you can easily edit it in whatever program you’re most comfortable with.

 proposal print business template format

The Proposal Template for InDesign

The Proposal Template lives up to its name – it’s the only template you’d ever need, thanks to its understated design and compelling, full-page layout. Customize the color scheme, add personalized text and images, and change character styles, all within 28 pages of full-color, print-ready convenience.

The Proposal Template

InDesign Proposal Template FAQs

  • Are These Templates Customizable to Fit My Business’s Brand?
    You can customize colors, fonts, and layouts to align with your business’s branding and the specific needs of your proposal.
  • Do I Need a Special Version of InDesign to Use These Proposal Templates?
    Generally, the latest versions of Adobe InDesign should be compatible with these templates, but always check the template’s requirements.
  • What Elements Should a Good Business Proposal Include?
    A comprehensive business proposal should include an executive summary, problem statement, solution, budget, timeline, and company overview.
  • Can I Export These Proposals for Digital or Print Use?
    InDesign allows you to export your finished proposal in various formats suitable for both digital sharing and high-quality printing.
  • How Can Using a Template Benefit My Business Proposal?
    A template ensures a polished and cohesive design, allowing you to focus more on the content and less on layout concerns, enhancing the professionalism of your proposal.
  • Are InDesign Templates for Business Proposals Suitable for All Industries?
    These versatile templates can be adapted for various industries by customizing the content and design elements.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Template for My Proposal?
    Select a template that meets the tone and complexity of your proposal, considering factors like industry, audience, and the type of information you need to convey.

Proposals That Stand Out

Hopefully, this collection of InDesign business proposal templates will make it easier for you to push forward a new business idea and present all the information you need to captivate your target demographic.

These templates are easy to customize and designed to help your proposals stand out. With various styles to choose from, you will find the perfect template for your business needs.

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