15 Free PSD Coloring Templates for Photographers


The world without color would be a pretty dull place. Color has an impact on our emotions and mood. Color helps us communicate our design ideas and concepts more effectively. As such, color plays an important role in our everyday life.

Color can also make any design stand out more and you can even breathe new life into any photo by applying a tasteful coloring effect. As with anything Photoshop related, there is no shortage of coloring templates out there on the Internet. Coloring templates are Photoshop PSD files with coloring layers that allow you to quickly give any photograph an awesome coloring effect.

These coloring effects can be applied to an entire photo or selectively to a part of the photo to create a more interesting effect and accentuate certain portions of the image. For example, a popular way to use these effects is to first turn the entire photo to black and white and then add a pop of color to one element, such as eyes or lips.

They range from subtle and elegant to bright and vivid, and in this post, we’ve rounded up the best free Photoshop coloring templates for photographers. You can download these coloring templates for free and add them to your photography toolbox. You will find coloring effects that mimic the look from famous movies as well as black and white coloring effects. Download the ones you like, and spice up your photographs.

Love Story Color PSD

Love Story psd photography coloring

Love Story Download Page

Fences Coloring Template

Fences psd color template free

Fences Download Page

Ultraviolet Coloring PSD Template

Ultraviolet psd photography coloring

Ultraviolet Download Page

Johnnyrockets Coloring PSD Template

Johnnyrockets psd photography coloring

Johnnyrockets Download Page

This Is a Dark Love Color PSD

This Is a Dark Love psd photography coloring

This Is a Dark Love Download Page

Dreams Coloring Template

Dreams psd color template free

Dreams Download Page

B & W Coloring PSD Template

black white psd photography coloring

B & W PSD Download Page

Honest Color PSD

Honest psd color template free

Honest Download Page

For Your Wish Coloring Template

For Your Wish psd color template free

For Your Wish Download Page

Castiel Coloring PSD Template

psd color template free

Castiel Download Page

Awards Show Coloring PSD Template

Awards Show psd photography coloring

Awards Show Download Page

Teardrops on My Guitar Color PSD

Teardrops on My Guitar template photography coloring

Teardrops on My Guitar Download Page

Colorful Color PSD Coloring Template

Colorful psd color template free

Colorful Download Page

Red Yellow Coloring Template

Red Yellow template photography coloring

Red Yellow Download Page

Nature Coloring Template

Nature psd color template free

Nature Download Page

PSD 2 Color PSD

psd color template free

PSD Download Page

Coloring 05

Coloring 05 template photography coloring

PSD Download Page

PSD Color Template

psd color template free

PSD Download Page

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