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The use of online travel-based services and apps is continuing to grow. With that comes an increasing demand for real-time data.

And, when it comes to flight statuses and other aviation information, both consumers and businesses want to know all that they can. This type of data can help us do anything from plan a vacation to ensuring critical shipments will arrive on time. It allows us to make the right decisions in commerce and in life.

So, how can developers tap into this pool of information and leverage it for their applications? By using aviationstack, the flight status and global aviation API.

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Track Any Flight, Anywhere

With aviationstack, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of flight data from all over the world. It’s fast, reliable, scalable and secure.

Here’s a closer look at what this amazing API has to offer:

Real-Time and Historical Data

Whether you’re looking for up-to-the-minute data on a current flight or a record of one that occurred months ago, aviationstack has you covered. A flight can be tracked at any stage of its journey. In addition, millions of past flights have been indexed.

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An Extensive Dataset

aviationstack provides you with access to tons of specifics about each flight. You’ll find information regarding schedules, airlines, airports, routes, aircraft type, speed, location and more. If it’s important to you, it’s available here.

Global Coverage

Regardless of where a flight originates from or its destination, aviationstack has all the information you need. Their API has access to over 10,000 airports, 13,000+ airlines and 9,000+ cities in 250+ countries.

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Robust Infrastructure

Whether your application requires just a few API requests or millions, aviationstack can handle the load. It has been built for speed and reliability. The service is also scalable and can grow right along with your needs. Security is also a top priority, with bank-grade encryption technology included.

Easy Integration

aviationstack is a JSON REST API and works with any language, framework or application. It’s simple to use and can be integrated within mere minutes. Plus, it’s fully-documented and backed by top-notch support.

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Get Started with a Free aviationstack API Key

aviationstack is a premier provider of extensive real-time and historical flight data. It’s trusted by over 5,000 companies and is used for everything from online booking services to visualization apps.

Virtually every aspect of a flight is just an API call away. It’s also incredibly powerful, with flight status updates provided with as little as a 30-60 second delay. And, API response times stay lightning-quick – even under heavy load.

aviationstack is also budget-friendly. In fact, you can grab a free API key right now. Need more features? Paid plans are also available and priced just right.

What are you waiting for? Power up your application with aviationstack today!

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