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Integrating geocoding data into your website or mobile application brings a whole new level of functionality. Not only can you use it for embedding maps, but also for location-based services, store locators and a whole lot more.

This is something that can benefit a wide array of businesses, organizations and service providers. It allows you to tailor content to users in real-time, while adding a layer of convenience as well. Simply put, the ability to generate geocoded data on-the-fly makes the web a more user-friendly place.

To add the power of real-time geocoding, you’ll need to work with an API. But not just any provider will do. Speed, security, reliability, along with global coverage are among the top features to look for.

positionstack is an industry leader, trusted by developers and businesses from around the world. This REST API offers a complete solution for both forward and reverse geocoding. Let’s take a deeper look at what it can do.

The positionstack Geocoding REST API home page.

Powerful, Easy-To-Use Geocoding API

positionstack is packed with features that will help you make the most out of your geocoding projects. Here’s what you’ll find:

Accurate Worldwide Coverage

With over 2 billion places and addresses indexed, positionstack’s dataset is truly global. No matter where you or your users are located, the API has it covered. You’ll get information such as latitude, longitude, time zone, country code and a whole lot more.

In addition, you can rest assured that the data returned is accurate. The API is updated multiple times per day and uses a selection of highly reliable sources.

Support for Forward and Reverse Geocoding

The method you use for geocoding depends on your specific needs. So, it’s good to know that positionstack gives you flexibility in how data is generated.

Forward geocoding is perfect for times when users will manually type in an address or location. In contrast, reverse geocoding is suited for situations where you want to generate information on-the-fly. It can convert latitude/longitude values or even an IP address to return location data.

positionstack feature chart.

Batch Requests

Need to look up multiple locations at once? positionstack supports batch requests, which can return multiple locations in a single API request. This lowers overhead and increases efficiency. And, it works with both forward and reverse geocoding queries.

Built to Scale, Built for Speed

Even if your app requires millions of API requests, positionstack can handle the load. They process over 1 billion geocode API lookups per day and can scale to fit your needs. It’s also lightning-quick, with response times between 10 and 100ms.

Multiple Data Types, Compatible with Any Language

positionstack can return data in the format that best suits your project – JSON, XML or GeoJSON. And the API is compatible with virtually any language, including PHP, C, JavaScript, Python and more. This allows you to work the way you want and makes for easier integration.

positionstack API request example.

Sign up for a Free positionstack API Key

When it comes to geocoding, it’s important to work with a proven API provider. With positionstack, you can be sure that location data will be returned quickly, accurately and securely. In addition, it will integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.

It also has the features you need to build something great. The ability for forward, reverse and batch lookups means that you have the flexibility to access data in the way that suits you best. All of this is available in an easy-to-use package that will have you making API requests within minutes.

And, should you need a helping hand, the API is fully-documented and is backed by top-notch support.

What are you waiting for? Grab your free API key today, good for 10,000 API requests per month! If you’re looking for even more requests and features, monthly plans start at just $9.99.

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