20 Inspiring Desktop Wallpapers for Spring


Spring is finally in the air and with it a brand new sense of renewal and regeneration. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the flowers are budding — there truly is no better way to feel optimistic and be inspired to tackle new projects than experiencing the spring season.

However, the spring season doesn’t last forever which is why you might find it difficult to feel energized all year round. One way to combat this is to put a spring-themed picture front and center on your desktop. Catching a glimpse of a spring wallpaper beneath your browser or Illustrator window can be all the inspiration you need to finish off the project. It can also instantly boost your mood.

Springtime is also associated with spring cleaning so if you’ve given your beloved computer a thorough spring clean and got rid of all those unnecessary files, now is also a great time to refresh the looks and put on a new wallpaper.

There are thousands of spring wallpapers floating around the Internet so finding the perfect one can be time-consuming, not to mention it’s probably not the best use of your time. That’s why we’ve gathered the best spring wallpapers in this post. They range from simple spring bokeh backgrounds to digital art celebrating the spring season. You can download your favorites today and add a dash of spring to your computer that will inspire you and cheer you up regardless of the season. Or, feel free to download all of them and set them up as your own springtime slideshow!

Spring Desktop Wallpaper Springtime

Spring Desktop Wallpaper Bluebells

Spring Desktop Wallpaper Newborn

The Traveling Tree
Spring Desktop Wallpaper The Traveling Tree

Spring Fever
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Spring Fever

A Light Exists in Spring
Spring Desktop Wallpaper A light exists in spring

Spring Garden
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Spring garden wallpaper

Welcome Spring
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Welcome spring

Spring Background
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Spring Background

Spring Desktop Wallpaper Spring

Seasons – Spring
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Seasons - Spring

Spring Desktop Wallpaper Diving

Spring Wallpaper
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Spring Wallpaper

Digital Spring
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Digital spring

Vector Art Flowers
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Vector art flowers

Goddess Spring Wallpaper
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Goddess Spring Wallpaper

Spring Season
Spring Desktop Wallpaper Spring season

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