12 Stunning Abstract Business Card Designs for Inspiration

While some think that business cards will become obsolete in a “paperless” world, the fact remains that every brand identity can’t do without them. It is an integral part of every presentation toolkit.

And let’s be honest, we still love traditional paper-based items. Smart, crafty business cards are one of them.

Business cards are one of those mediums that skillfully ignore the limitations imposed by their relatively small size. Despite occupying only 7 square inches, they can contain not only vital contact information, but also have space for lavish and intricate designs. From primitive minimalistic ideas to bright skeuomorphic ones, you can stumble upon just about anything.

However, what has caught our attention recently is abstract art. As a rule, the design is centered around the company, featuring specific things related to the business. And abstract art is, well, abstract. There are no clear messages inside. You need to dive deeper to find them.

Today, we showcase a dozen beautiful business cards with abstract art for your design inspiration.

Bar à Phô Business Card by Jenny Lelong

As you may have noticed, the design of “Bar a Pho” has a subtle eastern charm. The reason is simple – it was crafted for a Vietnamese restaurant.

The abstract illustrations are not just random. They are used to portray the main dish of the establishment – the soup Pho. As a result, the business card looks amazing and conveys the right message.

Bar à Phô by Jenny Lelong

Personal Identity by Manon Louart

These business cards are marked by beautiful color combinations and bizarre yet appealing geometric shapes.

The natural motifs can be seen in all the details, starting from the background and ending with the foreground elements. It looks fresh, crisp, and elegant.

Personal Identity by Manon Louart

Personal Identity by Princess Nicole Castañeda

Much like in the previous example, this business card gets its beauty from ultra-thin lines that form curves and sleek shapes. The line art is gorgeous here, and it effortlessly conveys the feminine aura of the owner.

Personal Identity by Princess Nicole Castañeda

Letterpress & Calligraphy Business Cards by Aline Kaori

Aline Kaori has done a great job of combining two of the most traditional of typography styles: letterpress and calligraphy. The result is magnificent. The business card looks exquisite, sophisticated, and appealing.

Letterpress & Calligraphy Business Cards by Aline Kaori

Perch Business Card by Hue Studio

This business card oozes an art deco feel. A beautiful embossed effect with a gorgeous, almost royal green color increasingly enhances the overall impact. It looks good, even in white. Though, in this color option, it feels ordinary.

Perch by Hue Studio

Illustrated Business Card by Daniela Gonçalves

The front side of this business card strikes you as an example that includes nothing but a scribble. However, you can actually make out facial features here. The illustration is bizarre, yet in a good way, adding a touch of individuality to the project.

PERSONAL BRAND, 2018 by Daniela Gonçalves

Personal Business Cards by Marina Cardoso

This business card design breaks away from digital tools and favors old-timey instruments such as markers. They help instill a sense of warmth into the project and add an authentic appeal. Each card has its own unique art.

Personal Business Cards by Marina Cardoso

Materia Branding by Paprika

This is where minimalism meets line art. The result is intriguing. The card has a relatively neutral design. Still, all those typography-inspired artworks that mark the front side give their own zest, and it is vivid proof that sometimes less is more.

Materia Branding by Paprika

Personal Business Card Design by Belén Ferreño

Let’s move from a minimalistic, monochrome line style to some splashes of color and vibrant, glossy surfaces. This business card stands in stark contrast to the previous example. It is bright, intense, and flashy.

Personal Business Card Design by Belén Ferreño

Reef Tour Agency by EVNE Developers

This is another bright solution in our collection. Although it does not have a chaotic explosion of tones and hues, the coloring here is gorgeous.

Guided by the company’s name, the designers at EVNE Developers have managed to convey its essence by coming up with this outstanding reef-inspired composition.

Reef Tour agency by EVNE Developers

Personal Branding by Ronnie Alley Design

While all of the previous examples made sense in some way or another, this one gives us a lot to think about. The designs are grotesque. This fantastic digital abstract art exudes modernism and a techno charm on all fronts.

Personal Branding by Ronnie Alley Design

PUF! Festival Brand Identity

This business card was created for a small local festival based in Pistoia, a city famous for the production of ornamental plants. So, it is no surprise that the design is filled with natural motifs. It is bright, energetic, and simply outstanding.

PUF! Festival - Brand Identity

A Different View

Abstract art always draws attention. It makes us think and encourages us to find hidden messages. It bears a particular gamut of emotions, to say nothing of its powerful creative atmosphere.

In the case of business cards, this only plays into its hands. When you see something extravagant like the design of the card by Ronnie Alley Design, refined like Manon Louart’s card, or crafty and authentic like the card by Aline Kaori, it always makes you stop in your tracks.

And that is what we should all try to achieve with our business cards.

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