30 Stunning Examples of QR Code Design


The QR code has seen a massive surge in popularity as marketers use these marks to drive consumers from print ads to an online landing page. The drawback in the past has been that QR codes are plain, even an eyesore to the design of a project.

Today, though, plenty of designers are proving that QR codes do not have to be boring. The challenge is balancing the design goals with recognition by consumers. If you do too much with the design, it becomes difficult to tell that you’re even looking at a QR Code. And if consumers don’t recognize the design, they’re simply not going to scan it.

The following designs show just how creative you can get with a QR Code. The majority of the codes included below actually work when scanned. The other, non-functional ones in this collection are just for an added inspirational kick.

Gallery of Creative QR Code Design

Lisa Frank Inspired QR Code

Lisa Frank Inspired example of QR code

Zipper QR Code

Zipper example of QR code

Corkbin QR Code

Corkbin example of QR codes

Rainbow QR Code

Rainbow example of QR codes

Brainy QR Code

Brainy example of QR codes

Coffee QR Code

Coffee inspirational QR code

Help Japan Now QR Code

Help Japan Now inspirational QR code

Farmville QR Code

Farmville inspirational QR code

M&MS QR Code

M&MS inspirational QR code

Ghost Busters QR Code

Ghost Busters inspirational QR code

Skater QR Code

Skater beautiful QR code example

Penquin Graffiti QR Code

Penquin Graffiti beautiful QR code example

Chinese QR Code

Chinese beautiful QR code example

BQ QR Code

BQ beautiful QR code example

School Of Rock QR Code

School Of Rock beautiful QR code example

Pacman QR Code

Pacman designed QR code for functionality

Batman QR Code

Batman designed QR code for functionality

Preggo QR Code

Preggo designed QR code for functionality

Chopsticks QR Code

Chopsticks designed QR code for functionality

Dice QR Code

 Dice designed QR code for functionality

Oreos QR Code

Oreos QR code inspirationally designed

Superman QR Code

Superman QR code inspirationally designed

Photo Manipulated QR Code

Photo Manipulated QR code inspirationally designed

Disney QR Code

Disney QR code inspirationally designed

The Wine Sisterhood QR Code

The Wine Sisterhood QR code inspirationally designed


TIME QR code inspirationally designed

Cutout QR Code

Cutout QR code inspirationally designed

SandCastle QR Code

SandCastle QR codes inspirationally designed

Landscaping QR Code

Landscaping QR codes inspirationally designed

Jet Blue QR Code

Jet Blue QR code inspirationally designed

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