20 Stunning Examples of Super Macro Photography


As a species, we are addicted to novelty. Our addiction to novelty has led us to travel the four corners of the world and it landed us on the moon. Despite that, we are still surprised by what we missed in our own backyard.

That’s the magic of super macro photography. It is the extreme close-up of something we might see every day, showing us small wonders that are easily overlooked. Getting close enough to see water droplets on a dragonfly’s eye is no simple task. But when you do get that close, the images are both striking and beautiful all at once.

So how do we get there? We start with a camera that has macro capabilities. Then we start adding in the macro lenses. Ideally, you will want a prime or fixed focal length lens. You will also want a fast lens with an f1.8 or f1.4 aperture. Then, add in a step-down ring, a portable flash, a tripod and you’ll be all set to start taking these extreme close-up pictures.

Bear in mind that your depth of field will be extremely small, at about 1-2mm. This means things will get blurry very fast. You also have to time the shot and capture your subject while it’s not moving which poses another challenge.

However, being this close means you can get some really good abstract shots and mini works of art.

In this roundup, we’re featuring the best super macro photography examples from around the web. We hope you get inspired by these images and that they encourage you to delve into the world of super macro photography.

Showcase of Super Macro Photography

What is Super Macro Photography?

Super macro photography takes extreme close-up shots, often of tiny subjects, revealing details that are not visible to the naked eye.

This genre exceeds the magnification limits of standard macro photography, sometimes capturing subjects at life-size or larger magnifications.

It requires technical gear, such as a macro lens with high magnification ratios, extension tubes, or bellows. It’s popular for photographing insects, plants, and small objects, showcasing intricate details and textures that offer a new perspective on the micro world.

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