The Designer’s Candy Store [Infographic]


For graphic designers, the general goal is to create something that people notice in a good way. These designers aspire that their work is recognized as “good,” “great” or even “spectacular”. But in order to create work that is worthy of those accolades, there are a lot of things that must be put in. Blood, sweat, and tears are usually the first three ingredients, possibly a dash of inspiration from a Design Annual, and after that a trip to their favorite candy store, the Internet, for some sweet fonts, delectable brushes, or rich patterns.

This infographic shows the different stops designers make in their quest to find the perfect ingredients for their work, and what the current design trends are for those designers. For instance, Designers sometimes opt to download fonts crafted by a fellow designer, such as the number one selling Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson in 2005; a san-serif font that fits the trend of website typography more than the preinstalled Times New Roman ever could. It’s also known that graphic designers tend to favor Apple computers and phones, but did you know that they even favor the Apple Linen pattern?

So go ahead and check out what’s going on behind the scenes of some of your favorite design works:

The Designer’s Candy Store

The Designer's Candy Store Infographic

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