WordPress 3.8 Has Been Released this Week


Named “Parker” in memory of Jazz saxophonist Charles Parker, WordPress 3.8 has been released.

This new version of WordPress brings many interesting features to the table, such as the redesigned admin interface and new admin color schemes (eight of them in total). The admin interface is now responsive, and sports Open Sans as the new font.

wordpress 3.8 released homepage

Beyond that, the Theme Management section has also been revamped, and it now shows bigger thumbnails and screenshots, to help you preview themes easily. Widget management too has been improved, and eight Dashboard widgets have been cut down to just four.

WordPress 3.8 also comes with a new flagship theme, Twenty Fourteen, which comes with a magazine style design including a grid and homepage slider.

screenshot of wordpress 3.8 dashboard

However, this new release was not without its share of drama. Matt Mullenweg seemed not very happy with the efforts of the Accessibility team after it was learned that keyboard navigation did not work as expected in the Theme Management section.

That said, WP 3.8 has been released just two months after version 3.7, which shows progress towards a rapid development cycle for WordPress. In that case, WP 3.9 too might be out sooner than expected!

Have you updated to WP 3.8 yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Share them with us using the comments below!

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