10 YouTube Channels For Learning Basic Frontend Development


Learning to code is easier now than ever before.

You can find tons of free tutorials covering the basics of frontend development. And really that boils down to just 3 languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

And besides written tutorials you can also find lots of free video tutorials on YouTube. Those are mostly hidden away on great channels that you have to search to find.

All the channels I’ve listed below focus on development and should give you an excellent place to start. They are all totally free and they cover a wide variety of languages, some even going beyond frontend topics so you can become a well-rounded coder across the board.


DevTips YouTube

Ask around web dev communities and you’ll always see mentions of the DevTips channel.

It’s packed full of lengthy tutorials covering a bunch of frontend topics. Some of these include basics like vanilla JS or newer CSS3 properties.

But other tutorials get into more advanced frameworks like Vue, React, and Ember.

I highly recommend subscribing here as your first stop on your YouTube adventure. These videos are top notch and worth checking out if you can find subjects you’re curious about.


LearnCode Academy YouTube

Here’s one more tutorial channel that I really think benefits frontend coders above all else.

LearnCode.academy has some of the highest video quality I’ve seen with very clear instructions. They do a lot on JS scripting and related libraries, but there’s also lots of videos about managing your web dev setup.

This includes package management tutorials like npm & Bower along with server-oriented topics with tools like Docker & AWS.

All great stuff with tons of variety featuring videos that date back over four years.


LevelUpTuts channel

I’m a big fan of step-by-step tutorials because they show you exactly what to do and why you’re doing it.

That’s what you’ll find on LevelUpTuts. It’s a free channel made for dev topics and it focuses primarily on web development.

All of the LevelUpTuts YouTube tutorials are full guides from start to finish, and they’ll be free forever.

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is a huge channel offering a wide array of frontend dev topics. It spurred an offshoot website with curated lists of free tutorials organized by subject.

All those free videos will remain free for life, and they’re excellent for getting into frontend coding.

You can quickly pick up TypeScript, Angular, Vue, ES6, and Bootstrap all from one place.

The videos are high quality too with a great narration style so you’ll never feel bored.

Traversy Media(TechGuyWeb)

Traversy Media YouTube

The Traversy Media YouTube channel is no doubt one of the best out there for developers.

With over 350k subscribers there’s a lot to love about these videos. Granted they do cover a lot of backend topics on languages like PHP & Python, so it’s not just frontend all the way.

Just keep in mind there are many solid videos on frontend techniques too. These include some videos that merge the frontend + backend with frameworks like Angular.

If you want to do web dev work professionally it never hurts to learn some backend coding.

That’s why Traversy Media should be a must-sub channel for anyone into web coding regardless of skill level.


Codecourse youtube

The Codecourse channel has tons of free videos just like others mentioned in this list.

What I like about Codecourse is how they fund videos through their main site. This means you’ll find lots of free stuff on YouTube with optional upgrades if you want them.

I think there’s plenty to dig into just on YouTube alone, so that really is the best place to start.

Although if you’re brand new to coding these vids may be a challenge since there’s a lot of advanced tools mentioned here, like Git and Laravel for example.

Wes Bos

Wes Bos YouTube

Developer Wes Bos has built a name for himself with a ton of awesome tutorials online.

Some are free, others cost money, but even the free ones offer a ton of value.

That’s exactly what you’ll find on his YouTube channel offering free frontend coding videos for all audiences. And really, these are like 99% all frontend code.

But with these vids, you’ll be focusing on CSS layouts and JS manipulation techniques. Both topics are really valuable to master, and there’s always new features being released.

I specifically like his videos on the CSS Grid property since that subject can get really detailed fast.


LearnWebCode channel

Pretty simple channel here that is worth a sub if you want easy-going dev tutorials.

LearnWebCode talks exclusively about frontend coding. This includes some detailed subjects like Git project management and custom-coding SVG objects with the canvas element. But many tuts are beginner level which is nice.

If you’re looking for a mix of videos that keep up with the changing tides in the dev space then you’ll really like this channel.

Great for everyone of all backgrounds because even pro developers may stumble onto a topic they’ve never studied before.

Code The Web(Garrett Love)

Garret Love YT

Garrett Love’s YouTube channel “CodeTheWeb” is small but growing fast.

You can check out the videos page to see what he offers and the kind of quality you can expect here.

Overall I’m really pleased with this page because it’s just so fantastic. It delves into topics outside of frontend coding but also talks a lot on the HTML/CSS/JS side of things.

Plus there’s a good mix of lengthier tutorials(20-60 minutes) along with shorter advice videos on freelancing & landing jobs.

Highly recommend skimming this video library if you want to make coding your career.

Fun Fun Function

FunFunFunction youtube

Last is a personal favorite of mine at 144k subscribers: Fun Fun Function.

Your channel host Mattias Petter Johansson publishes detailed videos on JavaScript coding from scratch. This truly is a complete beginner’s course for learning JavaScript up to the advanced levels. All free.

There’s stuff on unit testing and practicing with TypeScript along with more general beginner topics like basic functions and variable scope.

You will not find a lot of HTML/CSS tuts in here, but this is perfect for anyone taking the plunge into JavaScript for the web.

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